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  1. kopcicle

    An Atlas Craftsman 6" Lathe Non Restoration

    So begins the story of replacing my dearly departed Atlas 6" lathe.
  2. kopcicle

    A Benchmaster Milling Machine Non Restoration

    ...or, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. This is how it was advertised.
  3. kopcicle


    Stolen from South West Seattle between the 7th and 14th of February . Online Police Report T22001219 case # c22005652 10217 2nd Ave. SW Seattle Washington 98146 please add a 1973 Harley Davidson FLH Lic# 7b2211 vin # 2a16630h3 FLH 1200 And the entire contents of the garage.
  4. kopcicle


    @AlphaDogChoppers I'll help light a fire under his butt. It's been far too long since we've such a distinguished and thoughtful presence here such as A.D. ...wait Who am I kidding. I just want another irreverent, irascible, opinionated, verbose, and profane curmudgeon to keep me company...
  5. kopcicle

    93870 revtech /cci

    If you can find one let me know
  6. kopcicle

    WTB Benchmaster/Duro mill

    We all know what they are (well most of us over the age of , nevermind) and how difficult they are to come by. Deep cosmetic repair and even complete rebuild is not beyond my skill set. As long as "most" of the mill is there I'm willing to sweat details like replacing with ball screws, scraping...
  7. kopcicle


    Wouldn't you know it ? I finally find mine and now brother John needs one.
  8. kopcicle

    35mm fork tubes

    In no particular order Clean, I'm not putting them on a motorcycle. Cheaper and lighter than 35mm ground shafting. Western Washington. Try to keep it close and keep the shipping down. Patience. I don't get around here like I used to but Crazy PJ can usually find me. The usual suspects need...
  9. kopcicle

    4g32 mitsubishi

    What it says. Need a cylinder head.
  10. kopcicle

    "baby 904" MA904 import

    Her '77 Dodge colt decided to provide a curious fault. All forward gears and no reverse, neutral, and engine loaded by torque converter in reverse, neutral and park. Could not push the car forward or back in neutral or reverse with the engine running. Initial inspection found a shattered...
  11. kopcicle

    Takes some effort to turn something like this into scrap

    On the left a balun, on the right a balun on 12KV, any questions ?
  12. kopcicle

    FYI ~kop
  13. kopcicle


    just because its pissing me off
  14. kopcicle


    so is this a boat anchor ? ~kop
  15. kopcicle

    its always something

    Traded the solo for the second seat . 'Been trolling the High school for my future ex wife . ~kop
  16. kopcicle

    Foot Clutch ...

    Well let's see , ...fuel on , prime , switch off pull through , right hand grip , retard to start switch on , establish idle with stop and mix screws . Finally warmed up , in first gear , release foot clutch , apply throttle , apply advance . ... ....roll off throttle slightly , foot clutch ...
  17. kopcicle

    Lance Corporal Adam Franklin Wolff U.S.M.C

    My heart aches for my friend Nick Wolff, He lost a son . Lance Corporal Adam Franklin Wolff U.S.M.C. Non sibi sed patriae . ~kop
  18. kopcicle

    Is it me ?

    Or is the lesson , the spirit of the lesson being lost ? Riding is usually a means to an end, a way of getting where we want to go. In mindful riding, we ride just to ride . That is, it is the experience of calm, relaxed riding itself that is the focus, not the destination or calculations...
  19. kopcicle

    XS650 front hub ?

    Just asking the membership what they think a fair price for one is ? Right off the bat eliminate the free and the $500 . Seriously if you have been through a swap meet , bought or sold one in recent memory please let me know . ~kop
  20. kopcicle

    WANTED Dunlop K180 130/80 -18 66P

    I need the 130 18" . Peter and I have been poking around our contacts attempting to find one or two of the Dunlop k180's for a few months now . So far the best price we found is 79 quid for the tire and $65 USD to ship . Some years back I grafted a KZ 750B (twin) disc rear hub to a 2.15 x 18"...
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