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  1. Jimbonaut

    1976 Gold Wing Swamp Thing

    For...reasons...I've been on the lookout for a small, quick little fixer-upper to sling up on the table and work on over the winter - something single-cylinder-y that wouldn't crush my vertebrae dragging it around the garage and be easy enough to wrangle something halfway decent out of by March...
  2. Jimbonaut

    Impact wrench recommendations?

    I need to buy an impact wrench. Very need. Found myself sitting on my engine - which in turn is sitting on my workbench - holding a 2' breaker bar with a strip of steel wedged into the ribs of my clutch in what quickly became a farcical attempt to remove the clutch bolt. It's not happening...
  3. Jimbonaut

    1992 Sportster, camshafts (gears?) and pushrods - help!?

    Thought it was worth an ask here. I'm helping a mate out with his sportster and - as is the nature of these things - one thing has led to another. In replacing the stator we removed the right hand side engine cover which houses the camshaft gear things - getting them back in is now not...
  4. Jimbonaut

    Stirling Böhm Engine

    I got this a few years back, got it to work once and then it shat the bed. Even made a fancy base for it from a piece of walnut burl (I think). It's sat on the shelf as a trophy of failure ever since, until today. Took it apart, cleaned it up, re-lubed it with some PTFE dry lube (think that...
  5. Jimbonaut

    Leather Moto Jacket - Size L

    Leather Moto Jacket (River Road brand) - size Large (42) Very nicely worn in, the leather has been distressed to give it a more vintage look with a one-off hand-painted design on the back. 6 zipper vents (two on the arms, two on the chest and two exhaust vents on the back) allow great airflow...
  6. Jimbonaut

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Found this online after a couple of beers (how many build threads start with that sentence?) - - after sticking my finger through the rusty gas tank and finding a 25th generation rats (?) nest in the airbox I made it mine for about $250. Lovely guy, and at that price he literally made me...
  7. Jimbonaut

    KLR You Experienced? I am now...

    Another November in Montreal means another 5 or so months of riding absolutely nowhere fast. It does mean however that the $$ I made from selling my Sportster opened the door to some more-than-speculative evenings on kijiji, where I shnaffled up this '00 KLR650C (yes, it's the C model, more on...
  8. Jimbonaut

    Hand-painted Leather Moto Jacket

    Bought this River Road jacket last year, distressed and hand-painted the thing and wore it for the season. Size L, I'm 6' and 41" chest and it fits great, but there's definitely a bit more room in the jacket for larger gents. Has removable inner liner for riding on colder days, plenty of...
  9. Jimbonaut

    DOHC CB750 - very stiff clutch lever

    Hey one and all, wondering if there's a trick to softening up the clutch lever on an '81 CB750. Pretty sure mine's given me tendonitis in the elbow. Cable replacement? Clutch itself? Anything to loosen the thing up would be an improvement - pulling that lever is a massive pain in the arm.
  10. Jimbonaut

    Petcock - trying to find a replacement for my 1981 Honda CB750K

    Pretty sure the nut thread diameter on my petcock is 16.9mm (16.9mm? Who did that make sense to back in the day??) and it's knackered (full of varnish). Ideally I'd like to replace it with a straight exit petcock but coming up short on available options. Anyone know how I can get adapt my...
  11. Jimbonaut

    1981 Honda CB750K Carb to Airbox boots

    Looking for a set of these in decent used condition - lemme know =)
  12. Jimbonaut

    Where can I find replacement brass spoke nipples?

    Working on my 1981 Honda CB750K's hoops - refurb'ing the spokes but most of the nipples are pretty beat up. Ideally I'd like to replace them all with brass or gold coloured nipples but don't want to break the bank if at all possible - any ideas? Thanks muchachos =)
  13. Jimbonaut

    JB Weld strong enough for tabs used to attach seat pan to frame?

    It's taken a while (life threw a few curveballs and detours along the way but that's nothing out of the ordinary, right?) but my frame is now pretty much ready for paint. One thing I haven't done yet is weld some tabs onto the frame to secure the seat pan. I don't have a welder, and I'm...
  14. Jimbonaut

    Stripping chrome with Muriatic Acid?

    Trying to find a set of brake/clutch levers for the bike I'm building, but don't want to spend a ton on them if possible but also don't want shiny chrome all over them either. I found a set on Ebay -...
  15. Jimbonaut

    Cleaning rusty gas tank - anyone tried Metal Rescue Rust Remover? Other ideas?

    Gas tank question fellas - judging by the crap I found in my carb float bowls, there's a fair amount of rust in my gas tank. I've read that Evapo Rust is a good method of knocking most of it out but it's pricey for one thing and hard to get hold of here in Quebec for another. Another option...
  16. Jimbonaut

    Anyone running the Cognito Moto Airbox?

    Now that I have the airbox out of my 1981 Honda CB750K I'm loathe to put it back in - ugly as a blind cobbler's thumb. But I've also (repeatedly) read that messing with the air intake can be opening up a real can of worms. That said, I really like the look of Cognito Moto's airbox -...
  17. Jimbonaut

    '87 CBX250 on Craigslist for $700 - is it on the money?

    Man I love the look of this beauty, and it's just up the road - I know nothing about this bike, seller is asking $700 CAD for it ($525 US) and I'll get him down a bit. Everything...
  18. Jimbonaut

    1981 CB750K front fork question

    I'm replacing the fork oil seals and looking at the Owners Manual for the amount and type of oil to refill the forks. At the beginning of the chapter (under "Front Fork Oil Change") it says to refill the fork with 155cc - but it does not mention what kind of oil. Later on in the chapter (under...
  19. Jimbonaut

    Firestone ANS will tear us apart

    I'm swinging for the fences - will these beauties fit on my '81 CB750K? The rear will, but the front is a 3.50 19, and the closest tire is a 4.00 19. Still not entirely sure what these numbers mean - what can I do to get this beast on my bike? Note - this post sounds better with Kyuss -...
  20. Jimbonaut

    '81 CB750 rear wheel hub question

    Got the rear wheel off yesterday and opened up the hub and drum. According to the Clymers, this bearing retainer is supposed to unscrew, but mine is not moving for love or money, at least not by hand. Here's a photo of the wheel - The bearing retainer is looking a bit beaten up as well...
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