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  1. 3DogNate

    WTB - Sportster Mid controls <= ‘03

    Looking for ‘03 and earlier mid controls for an ‘02 sporty project
  2. 3DogNate

    ‘65 Triumph T120R Bobber - “Ticket To Ride”

    So thanks to my buddy George’s massive Brit parts stash, I have a new project for the summer. The heart of this build is a Matching numbers 1965 Triumph Bonneville T120R frame and motor. The plan is to do a hard tail with a modern front end and brake system. As you can see I’ve got a pretty...
  3. 3DogNate

    '77 BMW R100S - Refresh

    I managed to score a decent and unmolested R100S today. It's gonna need the gamut of maintenance stuff, carb clean/rebuild, wiring clean up and paint. It runs too poor to ride, I'm crossing my fingers that the transmission is solid. This will be the winter project... Paint will come in the...
  4. 3DogNate

    R90S tank refresh.

    My buddy picked up a 75 BMW R90S recently but the paint around the “gas hole” was bubbled up and flaking off and was pretty shitty looking. He’s doing a for real resto on it but wants to hold off on a full repaint until next year. So I removed all the flaking paint and did a spot fill and faded...
  5. 3DogNate

    Bonneville update and refresh

    I picked up this 2013 Triumph Bonneville a couple of weeks ago after selling off my last Sportster project. The guy I got it from had a pretty good start on it with the Macco seat kit and some nice British Customs and Biltwell parts. But I’m gonna take this thing to the next level with some new...
  6. 3DogNate

    3DogNate's '05 H-D Sportster Scrambler build - AKA "Project Dual-Sportster"

    So I sold off my BMW R75 and I scored this really clean and good running 2005 Sportster for a really great price (below trade val) with a bunch of extra seats, bags and stuff. After I sell off the stuff I'm not going to use this donor will be downright cheap. Now... I'm a fan of the Sportster as...
  7. 3DogNate

    3DogNate's 1977 BMW R75/7

    So I've got a great group of vintage bike lovers that I hang with and we work on/talk about/obsess over/ bikes of all sorts... Triumphs/BMWs/Nortons/Harleys/Hondas ETC... there's a good number of Airheads among the group... mostly 60s-80s R series. I finally found a good candidate for decent...
  8. 3DogNate

    CB360 Kicker Alternatives

    My CB360 Kicker clears my rear sets (Old School Speed) but just barely and sometimes gets flipped under the brake pedal on the way back up and my leg just clears and sometimes scrapes the foot peg. Is there a good alternative kicker from another bike out there? or would I be better off heating...
  9. 3DogNate

    WTB: 69/70 Triumph horns (Hooter Horns)

    I'm in need of proper horns (Clear Hooters / Plastic covers) for my 69 Bonneville restoration... let me know if you have a set in any condition. I know they are hard to find.. so I'm putting feelers out there.
  10. 3DogNate

    3DogNate's 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R Resoration

    So, I just sold off my XS Bobber build to kick start the funding of my dream restoration of a 1969 Triumph Bonneville (my birth year)... I have friend that has several Triumphs and I've been lusting after one for a good while now and certainly don't want to spring the $$$ for a turn key...
  11. 3DogNate

    CB360 (378cc) Green Meanie (Weenie) 2.0 -

    Here's where this thing sits now.... It's not currently reliable... and I HATE the Mac 2-1 exhaust. End of last season I added a Pamco ignition and One of Matt's SparckMoto Rec/Regs. I really didn't do much beyond that last year I may have put 20 miles on the bike. I was too into finishing...
  12. 3DogNate

    Candy red flake Sporty Tins

    Here is a tank and fender set I did for my buddy Kieran's Sportster chop.
  13. 3DogNate

    WTB: XS650 Rear Mag Spacers

    I need a set of spacers and dust cover for a XS650 Rear mag wheel. My mags I got 2nd hand did not come with them and my spoke spacers don't work.
  14. 3DogNate

    3DogNate's XS650 Bobber - DONE!!!

    So, I horse traded a buddy for a torn down '83 XS650 back in March. I did not touch it all summer, I decided to get on it a bit this winter. I even picked up a heater for the garage so that I won't freeze while working :-) Here's how I brought it home: Here's the Voodoo Vintage Hardtail I...
  15. 3DogNate

    3DogNate's CB360 - Finished 10/2013 (For real this time)

    I thought I'd make a new post for my finished pictures of my build which can be found here ( ) Two summers of sweat and frustration paid off I think…
  16. 3DogNate

    Triumph Flat Tracker tins - my first flake job.

    My buddy George is a Triumph freak. He has several either complete or in various stages of restore or mod. He's been building a wicked race ready motor for a while. He traded me a paint job and some $ for an XS650 project. I'm doing a blue metal flake base with a white side panel on the tank...
  17. 3DogNate

    83 XS650 Seat

    83 XS650S Seat, Rather good condition no rips or tears. Only some worn spots in the bottom corners where you'd expect. I may have the remaining hardware for it, but no guarantee, so don't expect it. $65 shipped
  18. 3DogNate

    '83 XS650S Tank and Side Covers

    83 Heritage Special Side Covers And Tank - Good condition only a couple of minor scratches on the covers the tank has been lined and will come with Petcock, Cap and Key (Mounting rubbers if I have them). Tank has a few nicks and some touched up paint but not dented. I'll hit the tank with my...
  19. 3DogNate

    FS: New CB360 Speedometer and Tach Cables - Motion Pro

    New Motion Pro Speedometer and Tachometer cables for Honda CB360. I bought these and ended up going with a Digital Speedo/Tach so don't need them. New and Unopened. $25 shipped for the pair.
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