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    Global warming - not our fault

    Well it's about time someone with some credibility has made me feel OK about burning fossil fuels in my bikes:
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    What's with the Facebook "like" thingy....

    Why has that shit suddenly appeared on very post I look at now? Can you turn it off?? It's annoying.
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    Casey Stoner to retire....

    I gotta say I didn't see this one coming :o
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    A cruiser for me....

    I'll be going on some long rides later in the year (MotoGP at Phillip Island for one) and this one came along at the right price...... It's an 02 model. Pretty decent condition all round. Things happen a fair bit slower on this than the fighter but that's really the whole point of it. It...
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    Forum text has suddenly gone centred??

    Not that big a deal, but why has this happened? Has anyone else noticed this or is it something to do with my settings??
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    Jorge's lost finger (WARNING: There's blood!)

    A shame he couldn't line up for the race at PI yesterday, but he had a pretty good reason.... Scroll down if you dare.....
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    ZZR1100....not really a cafe build.....

    Well, there's photos in this post so DONT PANIC ;D But there's always a story ;) ..... I have a friend who works in accessories in a retail bike shop, and he often takes a walk down to the workshop to see what is coming through. Sometimes there are "trade ins" from people who are buying...
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    Cyclone Yasi in Australia

    Don't know if there are any North QLD DTTers, but if there are - stay safe people. This one is going to rip through Cairns in about 12 hours time....and it's a Cat 5 cyclone with expected wind gusts of up to 320KPH :o To put that into perspective, hurricane Katrina had wind gusts up to...
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    DIY exhaust fail

    I'm sure we've all done some bodgy work in the past....but this is right up there with the best of them :o
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    Aussie site for vintage tyres

    Don't know if you've seen this, but they are in Melbourne ;)
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    Hillsy's GS450 project

    G'Day there chaps. Finally found a project bike to start a cafe build. It's an '88 GS 450 in ...err...."interesting" condition :o Here's some pics Oh dear..... A bit of wiring to clean up (and a few important bits missing >:() And maybe a visit from the headlight fairy might be a...
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    My ZX9

    Some before, during and .......later shots of my current ride... BEFORE (fresh from a crash auction) DURING (a brief zebra fixation....) AFTER (couldn't decide between orange or green so it got both....)
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    Greetings from downunder

    Hi all, I've had a bit of a look around - this place looks alright! I've got a ZX9 streetfighter at the moment, and have been into bikes for many years.....but I'm feeling the need for a cafe as my next project ;D Look forward to getting into it ;) Cheers all......hillsy
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