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  1. smokin_blue

    1990 GSX-R1100 Bad Attitude

    I thought I would share my fighter I built a number of years back. It was the early 2000's and I wanted to build a real fighter. Had to find the one that started it all....the GSX-R 1100...air cooled of course. Searched forever to find one that wasn't nearly $4,000 and mint. Found it. Pile...
  2. smokin_blue

    STREET PLUGS are back! Cool little key chains!

    Hey guys, I have finally had time to get back to making Street Plugs! These are great key chain for the power sports guy or gal (any gear head for that matter!!) They are hand made by me with a real spark plug. They are not as big and clunky as you might be thinking. Take a look at the...
  3. smokin_blue

    Cafe ala Carte - LS650 powered ground up custom

    Hello all, new to this forum but I thought I would share a few things. Here is my most recently finished build. It took way to long but that is the price of having a full time job and an active family. If you frequent the suzukisavage forum you might recognize this build. Also if you...
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