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  1. whynot

    Is this worth while????????

    Extra ground wire::::
  2. whynot

    CB100 Engine rebuild

    Seems I screwed up, shit went everywhere's.
  3. whynot

    SL350 Ride something or another.

    Plan was to cut and hardtail......................... Have had second thoughts, then third, then fourth, and so on. Hope I've got this thread in the right spot. Just wanted some place to randomly post. Very tight, tight budget, (none actually), just bits and pieces, scrounging parts. Well...
  4. whynot

    CB350 Twin Pistons/Engine rebuild

    First time I've ever torn into an engine this deep by myself. Just wondering what the consensus is on these pistons.
  5. whynot

    CB350 twin rolling frame/hardtail

    I'm looking for a complete rolling chassis for a twin Honda 350. Will also consider a frame with a hardtail installed. Would like to do a bobber style project. Whacha got folks......?
  6. whynot

    CB350 Twin Frame

    In need of a frame, or complete rolling chassis. Show me what you got, and how much. I'm located at 30906. Not aggressive, cause I have a few other projects going, but right price will maybe get me going.
  7. whynot

    1972 Honda CB350K4 Engine rebuild of sorts.

    Looking at the attachment, the items I have circled, as the picture is asking, is that a either this setup or the other setup. I've never had one and cannot find one that shows pictures of a completed assembly. So if anyone can shed some light for me, I'd appreciate it. Jack
  8. whynot

    Needed CB100 Parts.

    I'm in need of the following parts for a 1972 Honda CB100.....: Fuel Tank Seat or seat pan. Headlight - Bucket and ring Headlight Ears Right Side Cover I'm not rich by no means, so please be gentle.
  9. whynot

    Ain't this purdy........?

    Tried my hand at some polishing: Too bad that happened in the last photo.
  10. whynot

    1972 CB100 Honda..maybe for the wife.

    I picked up a 1972 Honda CB100 cost me 50 bux. Really in bad shape, engine locked, wheels rusted through. Everything that can rust is........ Missing seat, headlight, sprockets. I've never built an engine b4, as far as replacing piston, rings and stuff. Changed some head gaskets and such...
  11. whynot

    1974 CB350F All Original

    I'm looking for a period correct exhaust thats in pretty good shape. Doesn't have to be the best looking, i want that patina on there to match the rest of the bike. I would like for it to be not falling apart and leaking or about to fall apart. And not cost me my left ___. Any recommendations...
  12. whynot

    What did you do to your bike today.........???

    Checked, cleaned, gassed up, partial packed in anticipation of tomorrows trip to Maggie Valley for the weekend. And actually have the 750 tore down to replace a leaking oil line.
  13. whynot

    Memorial/Charity Ride

    Just completed a Memorial ride for a local police officer, was a great ride, Did any other DTT members happen to ride this one too? It was the 3rd annual "JDPaugh Memorial" in Augusta, Ga. I saw a few vintage Hondas and a Triumph bobber. There was also A 76 Hondamatic converted with a side...
  14. whynot

    1973 CB500K2 Forks on a CB750? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Just as the subject says: Will a set of forks from a 1973 CB500K2 fit, which I think will. More importantly are they strong enough? They appear to be. Has anyone experienced this setup yet? Thanks for all replies.
  15. whynot

    CB100 want alternative front end.

    I have a 1972 CB100, question is:::::: What complete front fork assemle can I get, that will just bolt right on with very, very little modifications, or no modifications at all? Thanks all for your input and wisdom, and last but not least knowledge. Jack
  16. whynot

    CB550 Fork uppers into CB750 fork lowers? And complete front swaps to CB100?

    Will 1974 CB550 uppers tubes and guts go into the lowers of a 1975 CB750K? Thanks for any help, advice, or criticism. 2nd question for all the Honda singles owners: What front fork assembly will be a direct bolt-on swap to a CB100? Disk or drum brake set-up doesn't matter. Once again Thanks...
  17. whynot

    In Daytona for Bike Week.....brrrrrrr...Cold as Heck

    Could have stayed home, would have warmer weather. Darn it's cold down here............................ :'(
  18. whynot

    There is a God......and I believe

    I ride the 750 to work this problems. Go out, at 3:30 pm to go home. Fire it up, pull out, got to stop at the end of the rear brake. Damn......use front brake that squeals like hell.........stopped.....whewwww. The hardware that connects the brake rod to the...
  19. whynot

    CB 125 Cylinder & Piston on a CB 100 Bottom?

    I have a CB100 Engine bottom half in fairly good shape. Piston and cylinder are ef-ed. Will this CB 125 setup work on the CB 100 bottom I have?
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