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  1. scott s

    1981 XS650 Tracker

    Been out of the vintage bike game for a while now. And the last several bikes I did were SOHC4 Honda's. It's been a LOOOONG minute since I messed with an XS650. I have a friend who is moving out of the country and offered me a deal that I just couldn't turn down on this XS650. He had clip on...
  2. scott s

    Polishing engine covers on the bike.

    So I know HOW to polish engine cases and such. I have an OK buffing wheel set up, I know all about elbow grease and using different grades of sand paper, etc. I also know it's kind of a sucky job! I'm wondering about removing the clear coat while the covers are still on the bike. The engine...
  3. scott s

    What should I do with this Z50R?

    I picked this up years ago for $125. I had at least $1,000 worth of fun on it (think drunken shenanigans) before loaning it to a good friend so her kids could have their fun. It's come full circle and is back in my garage. In my mind, it's not worth restoring. It's a 1993 model and this...
  4. scott s

    Neutral light troubleshooting

    I can't figure out why the neutral light won't work. Wiring harness and engine are 2000 GSX750F; dash is Bandit 400. -checked the bulb and it's good. -12V at blue wire coming from the neutral switch on the engine case. -12V at the connector on the main harness -12V at the other side of...
  5. scott s

    Honda CB "sweep the floor" project, AKA: The Hippy Bike

    Been sitting on and collecting these parts for at least two or three years. I guess it's time to start putting it together. The frame is a 1973 CB500 that I traded some CB400F footpegs for. I've painted it, re-greased the swing arm and steering bearings and it's awaiting the engine. The shocks...
  6. scott s

    Suzuki GSX750F (Katana) and LED turn signals

    Using a Kat 750 harness in a 1980 GS550 frame. I am trying to run LED turn signals and all for flash when I turn either LH or RH on the switch. Looks like I need a diode because the indicator in the dash only uses a single bulb. I have a couple of the Sparck Moto diodes but I'm unsure how to...
  7. scott s

    That Speed Twin look on an Air Cooled Triumph

    I LOVE the new Speed Twin. The reviews are great and it is just drop dead gorgeous. BUT.... I can't quite justify the price at the moment. Not that it isn't worth it....I'm just a cheapskate. However, used Bonnevilles, T100's and Thruxtons are very affordable. What would it take to get that...
  8. scott s

    1978 GS550 paint colors

    I'm working on a 1980 GS550E project (with a Katana 750 engine thread in the projects section). I recently found a VERY nice 1978 tank on eBay. From the pics, it looked black. When I opened the box, it looked black. As I was clay barring and waxing it, I noticed a blue tint. When...
  9. scott s

    Triumph Scrambler D&D mufflers

    These came on my '14 F.I. Scrambler. I believe they will fit all air cooled Scramblers. Mine has the Arrow tune, carbed models will need jetting. These are $495 new if you can still find them. Looking for $300 shipped.
  10. scott s

    CB750 Dyna S

    This is a working Dyna S that came on my latest CB550 project. The charging system on the 550 is a little weak for the Dyna S and it's known to cause running issues on the smaller displacement bikes. I was proactive and replaced this with a different ignition. But not before testing it and...
  11. scott s

    Regina Maximoto 520x116 chain

    This came with a sprocket set that I used on my Katana swap project. I only used this for mock up, as it's too short for that bike. Regina MaxiMoto 520x116 links, comes with both rivet and clip style master links. This is an O-ring chain. Asking $45 shipped.
  12. scott s

    Barber Vintage Festival passes/wristbands

    Sadly, between me starting a new job and the GF's boss being a total prick about approviing her days off, we will not be able to attend the Barber Vintage Festival this year. I have 2 passes/wristbands for all 3 days, including Aces Corner, and preferred parking for Lot E (lot closest to the...
  13. scott s

    Bandit 400 dash wired into Katana 750 harness

    Working on a project that has Katana/GSX750F engine, suspension, etc, in a 1980 GS550 frame. I have '91 Bandit 400 gauges and idiot lights I plan on using. I am now faced with mating the B400 wiring to the Kat750 harness. The plugs are completely different. I have a wiring diagram for both and...
  14. scott s

    CB550F Street Tracker

    Back in April, my friend CalJ must have decided I didn't have enough junk or stuff to do, so he brought me this 550F and a couple of totes full of parts. He wanted more space in his garage and I was tripping over stuff so, hey.... makes perfect sense! This bike was actually SOHC4 Forum...
  15. scott s

    CB500/CB550 turbo kit?

    Anybody sitting on one of the old RayJay/Mr. Turbo kits for the 500/550?
  16. scott s

    Check my chain length math, please

    I converted to a 520 chain, since I'm using a 2000 Katana engine in a 1980 GS550 frame. I have 15/45 sprockets. The conversion kit came with a 116 link chain, which would have been fine on a stock Katana. I'm a few links short. I used this chart...
  17. scott s

    For those of you running Cone Engineering mufflers....questions

    I have this Cone Eng. muffler that I picked up a long time ago for cheap. I'm thinking about using it on an upcoming project. I have a CB550 MAC exhaust. The C.E. muffler has a 2.5" I.D. The MAC is hanging in the rafters out back and I can't get to it right now. Does anyone know if the...
  18. scott s

    Katana 750 starter circuit/solenoid testing....out of the bike

    I have a 2000 Katana GSX750-F that I picked up over a year ago. The seller told me that he burned out the starter trying to start it with gummed up carbs (the carbs were leaky and I believed him). Found a used starter online, bought it, tested it, and then the project sat. I finally got...
  19. scott s

    Vintage '70's paint job repair?

    I recently picked up this cool CB550 tank with a vintage (I think) '70's style paint job. I knew there were a couple of minor scuffs on it, but that's OK. There is one spot on the front lip that worries me a little bit. It looks like the paint cracked a little and feels a tiny bit loose. I'm...
  20. scott s

    (2) Suzuki GS550 projects

    Buy my projects. Restore my garage space and my sanity. Lots of the hard and expensive work is already done on both of these bikes. Both bikes have lots of parts that aren't listed but are included. Too much stuff, not enough time or space. I have other projects I'd rather focus on. If you're...
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