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  1. Texasstar

    Texas Two Step Taco

    “Dad you can’t build a Drag bike out of the Bultaco in 4 weeks.” So my now 15 year old know it all son Zeke took his hard earned summer money and bought a 93 Ducati 900ss. It looks like the Sausage Creature. He wants to take it to the Twist Off in Texas this November. Last year we were...
  2. Texasstar

    68 Ducati 250 SSS minus an S

    Kind of a restoration. The bike that Fabio Taglioni should have built? Zeke was suppose to be doing his homework during computer class at school. He found this online and it was close to home so we took a look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Texasstar

    Evel Knievel Pac Racing Beehive Springs

    Need y'alls help! We have been trying to get the spring manufacturers to make beehive springs for our little cb175. What we are looking for is 1.17" install height max with a seat pressure around 40-45 lbs but with a lift pressure around 100lbs @.244" lift. I spoke with Pac Racing Springs R/D...
  4. Texasstar

    Stator Ac Output

    Should the stator output be the same with the the combinations of wires are checked in pairs. On a cl200 we are getting 18 volt, 6 volts, and 12 volts as output.
  5. Texasstar

    1967 250 Harley/Aermacchi Sprint SS

    So our journey continues Japanese, Spanish, and now an Italian lady that likes to wear a Harley jacket. Our paint supplier told us we needed to go see his dad so we did. John was looking for someone to pass on his beloved sprint to. He bought this Harley Sprint 250cc SS in 1967. She has been...
  6. Texasstar

    BS two stroke running backwards no it is a Bultaco Can a two stroke run backwards?
  7. Texasstar

    Zoöid Third Times a Charm CB175

    Zeke is at it again. So here are some iterations. 21" wheels
  8. Texasstar

    Pate Swap Meet Everything is Bigger in Texas

    We attended the Pate Swap Meet this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend and I wanted to post some of the things we found out there. Pate has been around forever but relocated to Texas Motor Speedway a few years back. This year the Cherokee Antique Motorcycle club was out in force...
  9. Texasstar

    DIY EASY Polishing (but wait there is more)

    We were at Pate the biggest swap meet in the south. Over 1500 slots full with all the best hunting for parts. I stumbled upon a guy who was polishing this aluminum motorcycle rim at the back of one of the slots. The wheel had a zillion spokes and it looked amazing. I asked him how he did it. He...
  10. Texasstar

    Bultaco Bandit El Montadero 360

    One motorcycle, two motorcycle , more motorcycles! Ah ah ah! Well after 4 little 4 stroke twins brought back to life, a brief rest, and completed honey do list we are back! We didn't know DTT had an enduro section! Tapatalk is kinda screwy to navigate so back to the original web viewer. Meet...
  11. Texasstar

    Butts Manufacturing

    We scored a cb160 tank made by Butts Manufacturing 40 years ago! Zeke is going to use it for his flat tracker project that kanticoy so graciously gave him. Tank is in amazing condition! Solid as a rock. Has anyone else scored some Butts cafe parts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Texasstar

    Wanted Akront 18 x 1.60 40 spoke

    Hey guys we need some help we have a deadline coming up that we have to meet on Zeke's bike and we are having a time finding a reasonable rim.
  13. Texasstar

    Flux Capacitor Back to The Future with Sparckmoto

    Ok there is a mad scientist in the group and his name is Sonreir. (Some of us would like to know the etymology behind such a handle but it probably involves a secret handshake) so are you tired of buying batteries? Watch this then call Sonreir
  14. Texasstar

    Any fabricators using the DcH2000 cobra

    We are about to pull the trigger on the Dch2000 cobra torch. Have y'all used one? All the reviews have been stellar for welding and cutting thin sheet metal-aluminum, stainless, and good ole steel. Can't afford TIG and we have a flux core but we have plenty of time...
  15. Texasstar

    DTT BANNER!!!!! from Santa BCBarker

    Thank You BCBarker. Out of the goodness of his heart this arrived in the mail.
  16. Texasstar


    11 months ago we joined DTT after bringing home our CB200. Y'all made this possible! We have had many firsts as Father and Son this last 11 months. First engine build, cafe racer, motogp, Barber Vintage Festival. Last night my son and I stood by our little LUCKY. Zeke said, "Dad she is...
  17. Texasstar

    On the Cutting Room Floor

    I was very proud of my son for giving credit where credit was due in the interview with Caferacertv. He made several references to DTT and specific members thanking y'all. It upset him that it didn't make it and we want you to know that interview was a testament to who you are as much as who we...
  18. Texasstar

    C'mon Ladies Ton-up

    My son teaches his momma to ride a cafe.
  19. Texasstar

    Cb200 "Charis"

    "You really need to get some parts bikes"~kop So we have been taking cb's home like puppies. We were looking for some cb200 cams for a reasonable price and so now we picked Charis and another parts bike and dont have the heart to part her out. Now in between our two other builds Lucky and...
  20. Texasstar

    Victoria! Zeke's CB175 Build

    We are keeping her mom! Well Zeke has Tony, Teazer, and Kop to thank for his new build. She was covered in exhaust pipes and Zeke's first word as he uncovered her was Victoria! Tony was once again kind enough to sell us one of his project bikes. This will be Zeke's string so from this point on...
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