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  1. CarbsAndCylinders


    Brodie made the parts himself, with no plans, just a few photos to design from.
  2. CarbsAndCylinders

    1975 Yamaha RD350(LC) Preservation-mod Hellride

    Some people say that to properly read a plug you need to cut the threaded portion off and examine the base of the porcelain.
  3. CarbsAndCylinders


    This is another video about the Excelsior. Hope, wish pray for him.
  4. CarbsAndCylinders


    Oh no! I have cancer too and I hate to see anyone else suffer from this terrible disease.
  5. CarbsAndCylinders

    1975 Yamaha RD350(LC) Preservation-mod Hellride

    I'm waiting to see the comments on this plug because everything that I thought I knew about plug reading appears to be incorrect.
  6. CarbsAndCylinders


    Paul Brodie is a very interesting man. He created the trendsetting Brodie mountain bikes, has taught bicycle frame building and modifies motorcycles. I don't know him personally, but I think he is a very cool guy. He made Excelsior replicas from scratch after studying 4 or 5 photos of them...
  7. CarbsAndCylinders

    VJMC Custom & Modified show at Barber 2022

    "a Goth chick at a Southern Baptist wedding", luv this :)
  8. CarbsAndCylinders

    NT650 hawk restomod

    I think I would like one of these.
  9. CarbsAndCylinders

    Kawasaki Z650 Seventies Special

    Beautiful work!
  10. CarbsAndCylinders

    CB400F restoration

    One of the best-looking factory exhausts ever!
  11. CarbsAndCylinders

    ‘68 Honda CL450 - First Build

    Looks great. I guess I missed it, or forgot, but did you upgrade the carbs, I thought the 450's came with CV carbs.
  12. CarbsAndCylinders

    NT650 hawk restomod

    Sure does.
  13. CarbsAndCylinders

    V Star 650

    You are a master craftsman.
  14. CarbsAndCylinders


    Those are unique, your bike is going to look pretty cool.
  15. CarbsAndCylinders

    NT650 hawk restomod

    That looks fantastic! I bet that pipe sounds nice too.
  16. CarbsAndCylinders

    The Free Kawasaki Z650 Project

    Looks great!
  17. CarbsAndCylinders

    NT650 hawk restomod

    Looking good!
  18. CarbsAndCylinders

    NT650 hawk restomod

    Very nice!
  19. CarbsAndCylinders

    New member, CB400F restoration

    Luv these bikes!
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