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  1. Bevelheadmhr

    My 4th Zed

    I have three other Kawasaki Zed projects, all at various stages of completion, so I need another like I need a hole in the head.. But there comes a time with each project when you cant do much. Maybe waiting for a part, or work to be done you cant do yourself, lots of reasons why work can't...
  2. Bevelheadmhr

    The Free Kawasaki Z650 Project

    Having posted the build of my Z650/1170 project, here's my second Z650, one that arrived unexpectedly. Way back in March 2021, I was offered a Z650 for free, from a chap I'd never met in real life, only via a few messages online. Seems he was more into old Brit bikes (he owns three Vincents), so...
  3. Bevelheadmhr

    Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo Reborn

    I've wanted to buy my old Turbo Zed back for awhile, as its owned by a friend. He started to restore / modify it but hasn't been able to do much with it for a few years. Like me he has other bikes that need work, and there's only so much time and money he can devote to his projects. So today I...
  4. Bevelheadmhr

    From the Biggest Classc Bke Show in the World

    Always some nice café racers and parts at this event went to today.. no more talk just pics..
  5. Bevelheadmhr

    Kawasaki Z650 Seventies Special

    I need another project like a hole in the head, but I was offered the basics (very basic) start of a project as part of a swap, and since it was an old Kawasaki inline 4, with a deep breath I took it on board. This will be my 2020 project, though parts may be bought and made in the meantime. I...
  6. Bevelheadmhr

    After 25 years, its time

    In January each year, on my birthday, I decide what projects I'm going to work on for new year. This year, I've decided that its time for my 1981 Ducati MHR (Mike Hailwood Replica) to see the road again, after spending 25 years being a big ornament. I restored it back in the early 90's, since...
  7. Bevelheadmhr

    Use What You've Got - Kawasaki GPz1100 Cafe Bitsa

    My mate Jeff decided to use some of the junk.. er valuable old spares ,.. he has to build a café bike. I got involved as he knew that I too had some 'valuable old spares' that I could donate to the build. The 80's Gpz1100 Unitrack wasn't an ideal start to the project. For reasons lost to...
  8. Bevelheadmhr

    2150cc Evo Custom Updates

    Introduction Back in 2000, I bought a 131 Cubic inch(2150cc) high output 'Harley' Evo motor, fully polished, built by the Merch Performance workshop in Canada and shipped to the UK for me. It was the best Evo of its day, and I could've bought a new Harley big twin for the cost of that one...
  9. Bevelheadmhr

    Bike related posters / paintings / artwork What have you got on your walls?

    I have a few bike related old posters and paintings, most I don't have the wall space for, here's a couple of my favourites, what have you got? The first is quite a big watercolour by Roy Barrett, got a few of his paintings While the second by Roy isn't one of his best, here he is painting in...
  10. Bevelheadmhr

    Kawasaki Z650 Cafe Project

    Before we begin, I must point out that this isn't one of my projects, I already have quite enough on my plate as is, without yet another bike in my garage. No, this is William's café project, which I've been keeping an eye on for the last few of months. It is based on a 1978 Z650, which William...
  11. Bevelheadmhr

    Some pics from yesterday's show

    Its the weekend of the biggest classic bike show in the world (allegedly), the sun was shining and it was packed, so here are a few of the hundreds of photos I took with a café slant..
  12. Bevelheadmhr

    Only took 31 years ...l

    Back in the mists of time I followed Endurance racing, went to a few of the big events, including the biggie.. The Bol D'Or at the Paul Ricard circuit in the South of France. Took my little brother with me, he was only twelve or so at the time. We went on my trusty overloaded Z750, camping out...
  13. Bevelheadmhr

    Some bikes I saw at the weekend

    In no particular order.. I was interested in the guzzi engine, but the dealer wouldn't budge on price, so I walked away.
  14. Bevelheadmhr

    A Blast from the Past

    My mate Jeff won a bid on a few parts on Ebay last week, by one of those flukes, turns out the seller owns the first drag bike Jeff built back in the eighties, the bike that Jeff was slowly acquiring parts to replicate one day. Its been changed a bit over the years, it now has a 250cc engine, a...
  15. Bevelheadmhr

    Unfinished Business

    Where to start? .... a few years ago a few friends got me into drag racing, which resulted in me building and racing a Harley Evo big twin. Though the only Harley part was the tank, everything else was either aftermarket or homemade. It had a two litre engine, with nitrous oxide injection...
  16. Bevelheadmhr

    Your 'Someday' project?

    I've been thinking about a new project recently, got some parts already but not sure if I can afford to build it the way I'd like. So I may leave that one for another day and build something a little less ambitious next. Which got to wonder if you have a 'some day' project? Something that's...
  17. Bevelheadmhr

    Some pics from the local show.. biggest in the world.. allegedly

    Not much to add.. just lots of pics
  18. Bevelheadmhr

    Guzzi Cali Cafe - Build Thread

    Where to begin ? Couple of years ago I looked in the garage and decided I needed another bike.. At the time I had three bikes on the road, all massively impractical, expensive and thirsty. What I needed was a cheap, fun bike, good around town and simple enough for me to maintain and tinker with...
  19. Bevelheadmhr

    Norton / Harley Ironhead Cafe Project.. Build thread

    Hi all, Been lurking on here for long enough, so thought I'd start a build thread on my café project. I was half way through another project (a Guzzi café) and started to think about what to do the next. By chance I got talking to a chap who was selling a chopped Ironhead XL1000 Harley for the...
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