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  1. lchris21

    Step aside Moto Guzzi...........Yamaha SR250 coming through :-)

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen from across the pond and beyond... Just been searching around the forum for some inside info on my current project, so though it might be a good time to start a project thread for current, and future builders and a record for myself :) Yes indeed, the plan like...
  2. lchris21

    SR250 Forks? and a twin leading shoe? Maybe off something else? tell me :-)

    Hello Geezers. Im just into starting a new project, which came in many boxes. Part of the treasure was a pair of non descript forks, 32mm with a "marzocchi" decal on one leg? I don't know if they are actually a pair of marzocchi, as the decal might not be original? Like I said the bike came in...
  3. lchris21

    Quick make over.......or so I thought.....The ubiquitous XS650 - UK

    Hello fellow DTT forum members, thought Id start a build thread on a XS650 I've been meaning to get on the road. Not been around on here for a while since having to abandon my last project. Anyway, this one is plodding along, and I'm hopefully going to get it on the road in 2020 ::) Kicked it...
  4. lchris21

    DR800 Big single thumper

    Hello fellow builders, lurkers, tinkerers and garden shed engineers. its been a few months since the completion of my Yamaha TR1 cafe make over and its time to get on with something else.... Was going to build another Yam TR1, but soon got on thinking about something else. With mind wandering...
  5. lchris21

    '81 TR1 build.................(yup another Mojave tank combo!!)

    After a couple of years lurking on the site, thought I'd post some pics on the progress of my '83 TR1 build project. making no excuses for the Mojave tank / Motolana seat combo, just like the way it looks. Also coming from a dirt bike background I like the narrow waistline when looking at it...
  6. lchris21

    Newbie from Wales, UK

    Allright........lads, and lasses. Just checking in after a few years lurking. Some great threads and builds I've been reading through the past few years. Plenty of inspiration to get my own going. Been into cars and bikes since I was knee high to a grasshopper.............Will be posting a build...
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