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  1. Midcoastcustoms

    Any car detailers out there? Best wax...

    Spring is here and its time to wax the cars. I was wondering if there was any DTTer's out there who possibly detail for a living and what products they are using? I am looking for something that can be applied by hand not machine (polisher).
  2. Midcoastcustoms

    Anybody see this yet?

    "Supernatural" save by Quick? 3/21/11
  3. Midcoastcustoms

    2001 Mitsubishi Galant

    I have got a car for sale in MN 2001 Mitsubishi Galant. Please contact me at the reply on craiglist if you are interested.
  4. Midcoastcustoms

    Take your wife to dinner...

    I have a $50 gift card for who owns numerous nicer dining establishments all over the US. I am willing to sell at a discount or trade for something. Send me a PM if you are interested
  5. Midcoastcustoms

    Great cover...good for the soul

    Came across this cover of Beg Steal or Borrow by Ray LaMontagne and thought id pass it on. Post up other great acoustic covers if you got em...
  6. Midcoastcustoms

    Let me Google that for you...

    I had to share this site cause I got a good laugh out of it. For example: Where can I find hubcaps for a 1976 Ford pinto?
  7. Midcoastcustoms

    Loctite and torque specs

    This is a question that I have been given many different opinions on over the years. Does Loctite effect torque specs and if so by how much? Let me know what you guys think...
  8. Midcoastcustoms

    Great cover songs

    I like the music threads so I am going to start another. Here is a cover of Danger Zone by Solid Gold a local Mpls band, enjoy... [url= p.s cant embed it right :-\ ?
  9. Midcoastcustoms

    How do you bend your pipe...

    I logged on and saw this in the chat box, thanks guys for a good laugh :)
  10. Midcoastcustoms

    1952 Vincent Black Lightning

    Here is a great red dirt tune "1952 Vincent black lightning" a cover of a Richard Thompson song by Reckless Kelly. Hope you enjoy...and Troy this would be a great song for one of your infamous videos.
  11. Midcoastcustoms

    Anyone need a new avatar???

  12. Midcoastcustoms

    Wish list for Santa...

    I'll start off with a stealth black Ducati 848 EVO
  13. Midcoastcustoms

    Recognize this bike???
  14. Midcoastcustoms

    How do YOU go down the stairs? And also for your viewing pleasure "chain surfing"...
  15. Midcoastcustoms

    77' Honda Cafe Style CB 750K - $2400
  16. Midcoastcustoms

    One mand band kind of "cafe"

    This guy plays at the local car show every Saturday during the summer. 500+ cars every weekend and sometimes a couple of bikes. Hope you enjoy...
  17. Midcoastcustoms

    Wana get Schooled...on hand signals?
  18. Midcoastcustoms

    We need this guy as a member... My bandito can turn into a burrito...ROFL
  19. Midcoastcustoms

    Perfection is like...

    We all have done it. Chased perfection in our builds only to realize that it is unachievable. To some it is like an obsession. Vince Lombardi once said, "Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence." Long before that François-Marie Arouet a french...
  20. Midcoastcustoms

    Best Avatar thread

    I have noticed there are some great avatars out there so I figured I start a thread... First up Dirtbag wtf???;attach=21856;type=avatar
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