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    Polishing cylinder cooling fins

    On a painted motor does sanding and polishing the fin edges effect adhesion of paint on the flat surfaces? I admit that while I did a good job degreasing I skimped a bit when it came to keying/scuff sanding every surface of the motor. Certainly between the fins was neglected. I used a high...
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    Metallurgy: mixing stainless and aluminum

    I’m building a custom battery/under seat tray. I picked up polished stainless steel for the tray/fender and hardware of aluminum angle stock (angle iron) and rivets. Then it hit me, dissimilar metals may cause aluminum corrosion. The bike is stored outside under a cover. Should I expect the...
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    Easy way to try basic color on bike

    I’m building a bandit with custom seat cowl and nose. I find it hard imagining the outcome when the parts are all mismatched colors. What would be a cheap easy way to try colors? And by colors I mean a silver or white just to get a rough idea? Vinyl wrap? The compound curve tank will be...
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    Should headlights be rubber mounted?

    I plan on having a small headlight fairing and either traditional incandescent or LED. Is there any necessity for rubber mounting either the bracket in the fork leg or the headlight bucket to the bracket? It’s an in-line 4 (Suzuki Bandit 600) so fairly smooth.
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    Choke lever options

    I’m cleaning up my bars and looking to go to an under tank choke cable pull “button”. Are they tensioned? My choke has a pretty strong return spring. What have others done? (It’s a 4 carb rack with a linked choke.. just need a standard cable end)
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    Filling holes in frame

    How would I go about filling these 2 5/16” holes? JB Weld? Epoxy? Straight up bondo? And I’m guessing I have to dimple the hole to give a little more surface area and be able to sand flush? The larger opening needs to be left open to access the shock mount. Thanks for any advice!
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    Kitty hair, JB Weld or Polyester Filler?

    I messed up and took off too much material when grinding off frame tabs. Nothing terribly structural but I need to make it look nice before paint. What are suitable options to smooth and how do I get tubing looking round again where it’s got some flats?
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    Why are fuel tanks rubber mounted?

    Do gas tanks need do be rubber mounted/isolated from the chassis for any reason? I see my Bandit tank has rubber mounts front and at the rear not only is the tank rubber mounted, but the bracket the tank mounts to is also rubber cushioned (just on top) See # 11, 12, 13
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    Stashing front end electrical bits

    I'm removing the front fairing from a bandit and need to hide a bunch of harness plugs, relays, etc. I'm thinking to go with an LED headlight. Is it possible to stuff the back of the headlight bucket with wires? Do they run hot (they build em with heat sinks, but they're nice and shallow).
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    What thickness for under seat tray/fender?

    I'm trying to decide on a gauge of stainless sheet to fabricate a new undertail. It will double as a fender of sorts. What's the minimum to reduce or eliminate rock dings?
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    Postmodern Bandit Build

    Such a cool little ride but a bit ratty. Getting it onto my patio. The only thing scarier will be getting it back up. Filthy! Road tar and asphalt bits packed behind the swingarm, looks like original plugs and air filter.
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    Fork and hardware coating options

    I've stripped the fork lowers and triple trees bare. Hardware is cleaned and wire wheeled of rust and corrosion. I want to match the clear coated aluminum danmoto rearsets. Is paint a decent option? I have an hvlp gun. I've also read that gun-kote works great.
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