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    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    I'm working on an xs400, not sure where to start looking for rearsets. Should I be looking at a universal set? Would it be easier to start with a used OEM set? I'd appreciate some input
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    Anodizing Aluminum parts?

    I see a lot of builds with parts being painted, powder coated, vapor blasted. I have yet to come across anyone who had something anodized. I'm sure it has been done. My understanding of anodizing its superior in a bunch of ways. I'm thinking of doing the lower part of my forks. Any input on...
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    Diagnosing electric start Yamaha XS400

    When I started my project the electric start worked fine. Fast forward to now, the electric start does not work. I checked all the connections, they looked good. I'm guessing its the starter relay? Is there a good way to test it? Thanks
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    New guy with a project

    I've lurked around here for a few years following some beautiful builds. Now I have one of my own. A 1980 Yamaha XS400G. I plan on starting a project post. I look forward to talking with some like minded people around here! Heres a picture of how I received the bike. I got it for $100 This...
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