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    1980 Suzuki gs850g hill climb build

    Just picked up this turd. I'm planning on building this for the Appalachian moto jam hill climb events in Monticello New York in the winter. I built one earlier this year it was a Honda cl175 its on here somewhere I called it the "juicer" Well I am that lame guy and only took one photo I...
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    Screamin Eagle 2 mufflers for Harley

    Looking to get rid of these,what might you have to trade? Sent from my LG-K425 using DO THE TON mobile app
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    Nepa honda cl175 " juicer" field bomber/hill climb build

    This is a very ghetto build and could possibly offend people and sorry in advance but to each their own. Im rushing to have this finished for march 25 appmotojam is having their snow hill climb event that I can't wait to take this too. Last event I blew up my kd80 the week of, blown motor and...
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    1970 honda cl175 "re jetting/size?"

    Hello everyone,my name is Rob. i have a 1970 honda cl175. I bought brand new carbs and pod filters (I know a lot of people hate pods) my factory ones where shot. The one boot was ripped in half and the other was in rough shape..anyway so I installed them and cupped the exhaust (no muffler...
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