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    Valve spring replacement??

    I'm putting my 75 cb360 project back together with new rings and am finding the free length of my inner valve springs severely short of the 1.5709" service limit. I'm at 1.510" consistently. My outer springs free length are around .010 to .020" short of the service limit 1.8819". Do I need to...
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    cb360T cam and piston replacement?

    Fouling plugs and low compression led me to do a top end tear down. Inspection of the following pics shows issues. piston and head had some object flying around and deforming them. The other piston looks great and the walls all look and feel good according to the fingernail test. Should I...
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    keihin/keihin carb swap

    I have posted on this project previously, and specifically the diaphram carbs for my 1975 cb360t. I'm struggling with fouling plugs. The other carbs I've had success with were all cable operated slides. I have a bank of four keihin with an outlet diameter of 30mm that I'm wondering if I could...
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    old floats

    I have a 75cb360T that I've been trying to diagnose off and on for about a year. It is getting way too much fuel and float level has no effect. I have rebuilt the carbs using the old brass and sync'd them and messed with many different float levels all to no avail. The bike will run but fouls...
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