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    71 CB450 running rich

    I have cleaned and rebuilt carbs with Honda kit. All jets are stock, mixture screw is turned out by 1 turn still getting black plugs. Dry black powdery stuff that wipes off easily. What else is recommended to check. I recall setting float height to 20mm. Appreciate advice from experts...
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    Can cb350 advancer work on CB450

    On my 1971 CB450 I opted for Pamco ignition and advancer. Gave mechanical advancer, points plate and condensers to a friend. Now it has been several weeks that I’m unable to get spark on right plug. Considering to go back to points. I have a mechanical advancer off a 1971 cb350 was wondering...
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    1971 CB450 random spark on right

    Hi Bringing back back to life this 71 CB450. Right plug sparks whenever it wishes to and skips whenever it wishes ! (Pamco electronic ignition & advancer) Put brand new plugs and caps. Still left fires up right away but right no. If I pull right plug cap off the plug and tiny bit gap, it...
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    Looking for cb450 gas tank in green

    Would like to buy a tank in green ready to go on bike. Little patina is ok, doesn’t have to be mint. Or a complete body set in good condition Please PM if you have one for sale. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1968-70 CB350 parts

    I have some parts that may fit other models too; Headlights complete Fork covers Horn Ignition switch (no key) Ignition switch mount Side covers (1968-70 white) Side cover (1971-up left side) Handlebars switches housings (68-75) Toolbox lid Mufflers mounting brackets Will take and upload...
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    WTB - cb350 seat, mufflers, fenders

    Reviving my 1969 cb350 and need stock Mufflers (pair of left) Seat Rear fender but if I got front too, will be great. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1969 CB175 wheels sizes

    If anyone could help me, with wheels sizes. I am getting good deal on very clean front and rear wheels off a cb175 and would like to put on 1969 cb350 are they compatible/ same size? thanks,
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    Yamaha RD350 oil pump help needed

    Hi, got myself a 73 RD350 and PO had disconnected the oil pump and ran on 32:1 ratio premix. Thought of putting the pump back in service. Opened up the right cover, pump is there but the shaft that comes from the case in to the pump is missing. Wondering how much work does it involve to put one...
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    1975 Honda cb550F parts needed

    Looking for a seat Muffler Side covers Gas tank Please mail/ pm if you have any of these items for sale. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB 1971 cb350 Parts

    Seat or solid seat pan Mufflers Tank emblem/ badge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB RD350 side cover emblem “350”

    Looking for a 350 emblem/badge for my 1973 RD350 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1973 Yamaha RD350

    Hello everyone My first 2 stroke bike I got myself few days ago. Looks good and clean, waiting for snow and cold to show some mercy so I can work on it. PO has disconnected oil pump and rode with premix. I would like to put it back in service. Would appreciate help in doing so. Not familiar...
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    Need help and parts Yamaha YL1

    Would appreciate any sort of contribution in putting her back on road. It’s a 1968 Yamaha YL1 tons of childhood memories associated with it. Don’t know anything about 2 strokes. Engine turns over with kick, seems complete except missing Tail light lens and one nut for head pipe. Sent...
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