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    Suzuki Bandit Forks

    I bought what I was told were 99 Suzuki Bandit 600 forks. I am not 100% confident that the seller knew what they were so is there anyone here who knows this for sure? I intend to use these on a Virago Cafe Project, good choice?
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    R1 front end on a Sportster

    I bumped into this You Tube Video and while I doubt many of us are using a Sportster, the basics should apply to any bike having a more modern front end installed. The information is good the video and sound quality not so much.
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    Honda 350, found in a storage ulnit.

    Just bought a 73 Honda CB 350. It is remarkable shape, 4,500 miles and what appears to be the original front Bridgestone tire. Still has its licence plate, 1975! All the fluids were drained and the inside of the gas tank looks nearly perfect. Tops of carbs are dead clean. However, the...
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    88 ZX750F

    I purchased a mess of a ZX750F Kawasaki. This is an abandoned bike that the apartment owner wanted rid of. I thought to part it out. However, seeing it in the truck without any of its "skin on" it looked kind of like a cool cafe project. This has the more traditional tube frame rather than...
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    "How To Build A Cafe Racer" or not.

    I just relieved my pre-ordered copy of How to Buil a Cafe Racer by Doug Mitchel. It is big disappointment. There is much more usable information right here than in the book and the price is better ($27.95 vs Free). The book starts with a history of the Cafe Motorcycle, sort of like Cafe...
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    Soda blasting soda?

    Is the Soda used in Soda blasting just the regular Arm & Hammer baking soda one sees at the store? I seem to recall seeing big (50lb?) bags of soda at the feed store, I believe it is used in cattle feed? What is the best source of soda?
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    Seat height vs, clip on height??

    As the subject states how high is about right for the clip on height? I ride a bicycle and find the drops are uncomfortable, but the tops of the bars are OK. My bike is set up with the tops of the bars about 2" lower than the seat. Am I safe to assume that i will be reasonably comfortable...
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    removing chrome and painting exhaust

    Looking through the site I can't find any information specifically on removing chrome and then re-doing the exhaust system with paint (flat black). I can only imagine that all the chrome must be removed to get a decent bond for the paint? What paint will stand up to the heat of the exhaust...
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