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  1. crazypj

    More CB/CJ 360 carb info

    I've been meaning to make this video for several years and now I've finally gotten around to putting it on You Tube.It's actually much easier to measure when your not trying to keep 'in shot' Totally unedited, I hate the amount of time editing takes
  2. crazypj

    CB360 carbs - again

    Bought a new 'toy' tool to measure angles accurately, decided to use it on 360 linkage between carbs. Found out the ones I just did were about 30 degree variation between left and right carbs. I've been ajusting the angle for years but never had a way to check both were equal until now (I know...
  3. crazypj

    Paradise Ca.

    Had an e-mail from friend last night but didn't read it until today. Both he and his brother both had houses burned down. 360 he was planning on doing 378 is total loss. I don't see news very often (lot of Disney and Nick Jr though) so didn't realise it happened yesterday. He was probably in...
  4. crazypj

    Bio-Where are you from?

    Fort F***'s sake, fill in at least the general area where your from on your bio.- Profile Information Even just putting state will help. I have a set of pretty F**** up carbs from Murfreeborough Tn and no idea who they are from. Don't even have a name (UPS Store doesn't count) It's damn...
  5. crazypj

    JBM Diaphragms- Problems?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find out how many people have had a problem with JBM diaphragms? I know a few of you have experience of his piss poor customer service Full story For several years I've recommended JBM for replacement diaphragms but recently have had a major issue with his 'warranty...
  6. crazypj

    More 'public service information'

    OK, over a few years I've noticed many people criticizing factory service manuals for not giving enough detail or service 'how to' I just 'found' Honda Common service manual' which is something required for all basic information. Pretty sure Yamaha and Kawasaki do similar? Suzuki tend to give...
  7. crazypj

    1968 Suzuki T305 manual needed

    Hi all, as in title, need manual or scan of electrical system and wiring diagram T250 is same bike so that would work Also need carb specs and oil pump drive fitting I'm pretty sure I know how it all goes together but it's been such a long time since I worked on the old two strokes I need to...
  8. crazypj

    Verizon Wirerless?

    Anyone else have issuesd with the overcharging? Personally I'm totally sick of being ripped off by Verizon Wireless so closed mobile phone account. I barely used it anyway, 7 texts are costing me $22.50 each, PLUS TAX, maybe a little more? ($155.00 + tax) Anyone who stays with Verizon must have...
  9. crazypj

    SUPER CAP BANK - will it work?

    Been thinking about this or about 18months, finally decided to make something. Also posted in my 'CB 360-Build to Blog' Copper-clad board to make a PCB, Sharpie to draw out the bits you need to keep and Muriatic acid plus Peroxide as an etchant (1 acid, 2 peroxide) Took a while to sort out what...
  10. crazypj

    NYC Vintage show Brooklyn NY ?

    Hi peeps, PJ is in Nooo Yawwwk. 8) ;D ; I saw on NYCVinmoto there is a show of some sort in Brooklyn Sunday, anyone have details?
  11. crazypj

    ..............on a lighter note, Dickens Cider

    You know you want some ;)
  12. crazypj

    Bad seller - Visionari Services

    February last year I bought a 'multi- player' for my little pick up from Visionari Services. (CD/DVD, radio, USB) Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase « Reply #6008 on: 23 February 2013, 02:14:59 Visionari LLC Customer Service...
  13. crazypj

    Lowes ad

    Hi All, anyone seen the new Lowes ad? Guy working on a CB360 ;D They get everywhere 8)
  14. crazypj

    DIY cylinder bore gauge - comparator

    Hi All, I was looking through Instructables site and came across this DIY cylinder bore gauge It's a great idea for anyone who want's to know if cylinder is tapered or out of round. The actual diameter could be...
  15. crazypj

    Best quote - EVER

    I'll lay it out plainly for you. Race bikes look like they do because of WHAT they do. If you build a street legal racebike, you'll have a 'cafe racer'. If you build a 'cafe racer', you'll have a piece of shit.
  16. crazypj

    Things I didn't know or wasn't aware of - ignorance IS bliss

    Hi Peeps, Just 'wasted' several hours watching You Tube vids. 8) Interesting documentary on the Rothschild's, how they started in banking 200+ yrs ago and pretty much how they have so much money they can buy and sell governments, etc (and not 3rd world banana republics) They are so rich they...
  17. crazypj

    CB360 oil mod - by Honda Motor Corp

    I was browsing through some old service bulletins while recovering from surgery, found this, now I know why there are differences between CB and CJ oil pick up's ;D It should only be an issue if you modify side stand and don't check oil too frequently, or, I guess if you live on a hill...
  18. crazypj


    Hi All, Just installed Linux 'Mint' Going to have to learn some stuff but it's only taken about 5 mins to install and get here. I'm pretty amazed it's so easy, when I tried it about 3 yrs ago it was no where near as simple. The hardest part was finding software to burn an ISO image to disc...
  19. crazypj

    Not Rude - but sounds like it is keep it ready for St Patrick's Day next year ;D
  20. crazypj

    Finally happened-Hard drive failed

    Finally had a hard drive fail without warning, first time ever. Western Digital 'Caviar' 160gb e-ide (yep it's an oldie) I had it sitting in packaging for about 4 yrs, only fitted it in computer about a year ago to run OS I have a backup but it's a few months old, need to do it more regular Ho...
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