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  1. sav0r

    WTB Some used 12.5" RFY Shocks

    I have a project where the expenditure is capped and I need some cheap (yes, even cheaper than normal) RFY shocks. I don't care what color they are, or if they are beat up. I just need them cheap. Send me a PM.
  2. sav0r

    Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning - $34 per carb, Holiday Specials

    For Christmas and the New Year I am running a sale on ultrasonic carburetor cleaning. For the sale I am doing it for $34 a carb, that's a 5% saving per carburetor! Return shipping is set at $6 flat rate to further increase savings. That flat rate shipping price is good for up to 4 carburetors...
  3. sav0r

    Shock Pressurization Tool - Small Production Run - $85

    I am looking to put together a short run of Shock Pressurization tools, the end product will be very similar to the picture above. The version that I am selling will have a much higher quality gauge. I've done a fair amount of research and high quality shock pressurization tools go for around...
  4. sav0r

    RFY Shock Rebuild

    I know that the RFY shocks have quite a following, whether it be good or bad, there’s a good chance they aren’t going anywhere. I have read several accounts of them here on this forum, as well as accounts on other forums. Truth be told, many never do a complete and proper rebuild and as a result...
  5. sav0r

    RD350 Build - Mia Wallace

    So i'm relatively new here. I have been lurking for some time, but have posted here and there occasionally. I started my RD350 in September. I always names my race cars. I've had Princess Vespa, Mrs. Draper, and others. This bike will go by Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction is a favorite of mine. A...
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