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  1. ArBrnSnpr

    CB750F DOHC Cam question

    After doing some research on installing CB900 cams on a CB750f engine (81' DOHC), I read that 81' and newer CB750F Super Sports had the same lift cams as the CB900 had. Before I go through the trouble of sourcing CB900 cams and installing them in my bike, can anyone confirm that the CB900 cams...
  2. ArBrnSnpr

    looking for DOHC cb750f guidance

    So I'm in getting close to wrapping up a project 81' CB750F and have everything but the upholstery and wiring complete. I have the upholstery figured out but the wiring is kicking my ass and can admit when I'm out of my element. Looking at schematics is like looking at hieroglyphics to me so...
  3. ArBrnSnpr

    Color choice assistance

    Hello all, I'm having a tough time deciding on a color for my front fender so I'm asking the masses for suggestions. Green to match the tank, black, or color match the frame? This is the best picture I have that shows all the colors in the same frame. Thanks!
  4. ArBrnSnpr

    Comstar reassembly and part identification help

    Hello all, I have a bit of a situation that I'm hoping someone here can help out with. I have a Comstar wheel off a 1981 CB750F that was taken apart for powder coating and now seems to be missing parts. Back story: I dropped the wheel at a local shop to be powder coated and the shop doing...
  5. ArBrnSnpr

    Honda CB500T tank

    I have a CB500T gas tank that I've decided to sell. I was going to use it on my CB750 but decided to go with a CX500 tank instead. The inside has very light surface rust that will easily come off with an apple cider vinegar soak. The badge holes were filed by the previous owner. There are a...
  6. ArBrnSnpr

    Suggestions for new rear shock mounts

    Hello all, I'm in the process of reworking the rear subframe on a 81' CB750f to remove the "DOHC" hump. I've already removed the factory tubing, bent a new top tube and partial "legs" I guess you could call them. I have it all sitting on the bike now and I'm tossing around ideas to replace...
  7. ArBrnSnpr

    CX500 deluxe tank or similar

    I'm in the middle of a build and I'm battling a leak in my CB750F tank. I was recently turned on to the cx500 deluxe tank and thought starting fresh with a different tank might save me some sanity. If you have one for a reasonable price that isn't leaking, shoot me a message with a pic please...
  8. ArBrnSnpr

    Another crack at making a DOHC "cool"

    Let me start by saying I've never had a build thread. Not because I've never built anything, but because I hate taking pictures of things, downloading them, and documenting what I'm doing. I don't mind sharing the process with others, I just hate the time it takes and when I'm motivated to get...
  9. ArBrnSnpr

    Another new guy

    Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. Just registered today (after reading the sight for a few months like that creepy kid at a party who sits in the corner and watches all the cool kids but never says anything). My name is Colin and I'm from Portland, OR. I decided I wanted to build a...
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