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  1. Mr.E

    The perfect bike - Or, hey Levi look i made a new project thread too ;D

    Well, every great story has to start somewhere, and this one is no different. This story starts here. as one of the few surviving booths at the mid O swap meet on the morning the gods hurled all the leftover bad weather from the rest of the world on us, I was feeling lucky. I saw a majestic...
  2. Mr.E

    The bike Honda never built - or, my MR250 Elsinore for the Vintage 1000

    This place needs more Elsinores :) So its been a few years, time for another abomination from my garage. This time it's time to get a bike ready for the Vintage 1000 this summer on the Trans America Trail. The bike to be used is a '76 Honda MR250 Elsinore. Here's the deal: The bike needs...
  3. Mr.E

    Wtb 86-91 xr200r forks

    Looking for some xr200 forks from 86 to 91. Not interested in the other years. If you want to trade for something I may be have something you need.
  4. Mr.E

    46 Logan 200 Lathe

    I kept saying I wouldn't do this, since I don't really have time, blah blah, but here it is. Picked it up in Norfolk VA last month for $700. I've been hurting to have a lathe at home for some work that's spilling over from my day job, the Mr. E Machines stuff, and Dammit. I'm a toolmaker, I...
  5. Mr.E

    xs650, cb750f header

    Rolling chassis xs650 for sale. includes titled frame, motor of unknown condition, new Avon tires on kawasaki mags, not sure if they are spaced to axles right. $200 75 cb750F 4/1 header. Good shape, $125. Ill be at barber this week so if you want me to bring it just say so. PM for more details...
  6. Mr.E

    so I took a ride the other day...

    Here's a short story to help pass my boredom. I took a short ride the other day. But to get there, I had to load up my bike and drive a few hours east to Scot S and Robin's house. Why? Because all the roads between me and them suck. So I get there (yay!) And we drink beer and eat good food...
  7. Mr.E

    Tarozzi low rise clip ons. 35mm

    Title says it, $100 shipped. barely used. I will send pics if you need em.
  8. Mr.E

    WTB: 82 GPZ750 fuel tank

    Thats what im looking for, hope there's one in any condition laying in your parts piles.
  9. Mr.E

    CB900F Shocks

    Got a pair of shocks from a CB900F. Was going to use them but now taking a different direction. So im offering them to dtt. They are on ebay as well, so good luck. $150 shipped.
  10. Mr.E

    Billet top interest thread - CB750 models ready, XS650 Prototypes are finished

    Ok, some of you know about this, but about 98% of you don't. For the last few years, I have occasionally made top yokes for a few bikes. I am a Mold Maker by trade, therefore I machine stuff. This has always been a one off thing, but I am considering making a small production run of top yokes to...
  11. Mr.E

    Henry Abe mags, one fits a cb750

    Ok, here's a couple of mags. One fits a sohc CB750 front end, the other is an unknown 18" front. Bolt pattern indicated maybe a cb350 disc front, or smaller kz. They are new, and the 19" cb750 still has the old crusty box. I'm selling because they won't work for my project. Asking $250 plus...
  12. Mr.E

    Trying to ID this wheel... knock off Henry Abe, but for what?

    Ok here it is, winner gets to make an offer on it if so inclined haha. But I got this in a sale a while back but have no idea what its for. I onow its not a real Henry Abe, I've got one of those and the stampings are different.
  13. Mr.E

    Possibly worth a watch...

    Dunno if this has been posted here before but I got a chuckle out of it...
  14. Mr.E

    need GOOD 77-78 CB750 carb boots

    Looking for a set of decent ones. Let me know what you need for them and maybe I can make it happen
  15. Mr.E

    78 CB750 for sale. $400 bucks - Asheville NC

    I've got a 78 cb750 for sale. Mostly complete, no title. I've got 3 more, just don't have room or time for this one. I'd like $400, but ill hear offers or trades for something cool. Call or text me at 828-980-5944, or pm me here for more pics.
  16. Mr.E

    Great Sunday

    Today was a great day.. My wife has begun learning to ride. We started off on an xr70. And she quickly got the hang of it, so she rode for about 2 hours today! Of course, Mal had to go over the pre ride equipment check... And the lil guy got a few laps around the field too. Lets say his...
  17. Mr.E

    another friendly public service anouncement...

    This is why it is bad to neglect comletely exterminating rodent from your work space That is all...
  18. Mr.E

    81 kz550 seat pan alternates?

    Ok, so I picked up a 81 kz550 last week. (Sort of a holy grail for me) but the seat pan is in bad shape. I am trying to get this one back original, so I need either another seat pan like this, or if anyone knows a seat pan off another kaw that will work... the model is an 81 kz550 (gpz) and...
  19. Mr.E

    CB750 wheel swap to GPZ 750 mags - where is the thread for this?

    Ok, Ive been doing the search for a while now on here (because I know it exists) there was a thread a long time ago about a guy building a cb750 and using gpz750 mags (19" front, 18" rear"). Ive got the front sorted no problem. But what Im interested in is the rear bearings. I know the stock...
  20. Mr.E

    lets play a game...

    Ok, I've been trying to sell a cx500 on craigslist now for a little while. Lots of tire kickers, no buyers, even at the low price. But today! Today I get a scanner who wants to pay the price as soon as possible. Here's the email he sent me: Hi there, Thank you for getting back to me.Can you...
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