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  1. Nebr_Rex

    KZ440 LTD

    I'm going to fix this bike up to flip. The person I got it from owes me more than what it is worth, but that's another story. This going to be a quick turn around I hope. It will be a little different than most of the other KZ440s. The engine does have good compression at 155/160. Here are some...
  2. Nebr_Rex

    28mm Mikuni fuel bowls

    I am looking for 1, maybe 2 Mikuni 28mm flatslide fuel bowls. .
  3. Nebr_Rex

    WTB KZ750B rear wheel

    Looking for a 16 X 3, 40 spoke wheel. .
  4. Nebr_Rex

    Carbs, stacks and manifolds

    I am posting these to give Do The Ton members first crack at these parts before I put then up on evilbay after the first of the year. Payment by Pay pal, shipping is extra. Will ship worldwide to members but once on evilbay it will be limited to the U.S. because of there extra b.s. 3 36mm...
  5. Nebr_Rex

    connecting rod search

    I'm looking some connecting rods. If anyone would have the information I need there is a very good possibility they would belong to this very diverse group. The dimensions are as follows; crankshaft rod journal diameter is 35mm big end width is 22mm, can be a little wider center to center...
  6. Nebr_Rex

    Honda drag bike

    Honda drag bike .
  7. Nebr_Rex

    Craftsman air compressor

    One of my air compressors is wore out. I ordered up a rebuild kit to replace the seals and sleeve. The intake filter was non existent. The plastic housing for the foam filter measures 2 1/8 in. o. d. ( 54mm ). That's the same as some pod filters. .
  8. Nebr_Rex

    d-bag hardley rider

    Stopped at the local market to pick something up for supper. And guess what I seen. This clown thinks he's more important than those that actually need the spot. .
  9. Nebr_Rex

    Another project to add to my pile. GPz1100

    Went to an estate sale and picked up an "81 GPz1100. Everything was going cheap. The guy was a local drag racer that died of a heart attack. All the high dallor cars went to the family ( 69 Mach 1, 427 Galaxy, etc..). There were 2 drag cars. A "70 Mustang w/ aluminum 650"+,Lenco went for $9100 ...
  10. Nebr_Rex

    bike i.d.

    Spotted this bike from the street. Swung tnru the alley to check it out. I'm not interested in taking it off the owners hands. Just curious as to what it is. Does anybody have an idea of what it is? .
  11. Nebr_Rex

    TRX250EX piston

    Does anyone have a piston for a Honda trx250ex? I could use some pics and measurements to see if my wild idea will work. .
  12. Nebr_Rex

    TRX250 piston needed

    I don't need the piston, just a measurement off of it. Seems my local cycle shop over bored my block by .5mm. They did a nice job like usual but one to many turns on the mic. . I gave them another block and everything is fine with that one. To avoid having to scrap those liners I'm looking for...
  13. Nebr_Rex

    Cycle Reaper Industries

    If you are needing a part for your bike I recommend Cycle Reaper Industries of Provo, Utah. Their nickname on evil bay is Junkboy66. I needed a crank for a 440. A 'new' member here and on another site I frequently visit had one. After driving 3 hours to Does Moines to pick it up turns out to...
  14. Nebr_Rex

    selling one of my bikes.

    Selling one of my bikes. Need to restore it or put it up for sale. .
  15. Nebr_Rex

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( a pair of KZ400s)

    Thought I'd post up my latest project(s). My pair of KZ400's. First pic is of the Dr. Jekyll bike. Plans are to keep this one basically stock except for the 440 with a milled head, round slide carbs,440 forks (flipped caliper). Second pic is of the second go around for this bike. It was first...
  16. Nebr_Rex

    Turn signals

    Looking for some CB175 or simular style turnsignals for my KZ400 Caff prodject.Does anybody have a set of 4 or know of some.
  17. Nebr_Rex

    pre caff

    try this link
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