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  1. Barnburner

    CL350 tank

    Cool! Reminds me of the "Flying Dragon" special option paint Honda put on the 350s. Did you paint or print the graphic?
  2. Barnburner

    Scott's Vermont Title/Registration Service?

    You can do this yourself pretty easily. Vermont has no shame in taking your money and providing you a registration for your untitled vehicle. I'd call them and make sure you have the most up to date form and are using the correct valuation for calculating the transfer fee. Since Vermont doesn't...
  3. Barnburner

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Here's a bike that that did the same swap. Looks a little large to me but not too bad
  4. Barnburner

    1st time making a seat on my 1st build

    Looks great. What glue did you use?
  5. Barnburner

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    If not for your rear fender, would it sit level with the back of the frame?
  6. Barnburner

    CB350 Drum Hub and 19" front wheel

    Is the 1.85" width rim a necessity? CL350s ran 19" rims up front and would be a simple and cheap swap, but they're only 1.6" in width.
  7. Barnburner

    SR500 RACE BIKE - Tracy body kit - Survivor - Ohio

    Love the new bars and light! I actually think it's worth what you have it priced at (especially since everyone in the area seems to price their sportsters at $3000 regardless of year/condition).
  8. Barnburner

    SR500 RACE BIKE - Tracy body kit - Survivor - Ohio

    Is that the Arlen Ness Digger for sale near Canton? I'm not too far away and have been looking at it listed on CL for a while hoping the price drops.
  9. Barnburner

    FS: K0-K2 68,69 & 70 CB350 Texavina Hand Crafted low profile diamond stitch seat

    I'm interested. Any pics of it mounted? Also, since its for K0-K2 I assume its meant for the rear hinge and not the side one correct?
  10. Barnburner

    WTB CB/CL350 Rear Distance Collar

    About 5 years too late but I appreciate the info! I'll save it in case this happens again.
  11. Barnburner

    Titled Bike and Donor Frame

    What state are you in? Since this is a title issue it is dependent on state law. I assume, though, that most would allow what you're planning on doing. I think there are typically statutes preventing tampering with the VIN plate itself (Ohio has one for example) but transplanting the neck should...
  12. Barnburner

    new here

    Looks great so far! Still have the rack and luggage?
  13. Barnburner

    Refreshed '59 R60/2

    Cool bike. I could hear it when I opened the file with Windows Media Player. Sounds like a tractor :)
  14. Barnburner

    Obtaining a LEGAL registration for an untitled bike

    FYI I think the VIN certification part of the process only applies to motorcycles over 300cc.
  15. Barnburner

    Moto Hoarding - post your list

    Sorry for the sidetrack but I have to ask about this one. I have a 66 c100 with a 4mm overbore and s65 piston but never heard of a Weber (Web Cam) camshaft being available. Was it a manufactured item or a custom grind? Also, did you deck the cylinder head to up the CR or it that just what it was...
  16. Barnburner

    Sportster Cafe Build

    Great choice in direction. Reminds me of the Enfield-based Indians from the 50s. I saw this one at Mid-Ohio a few years back that looked amazing:
  17. Barnburner

    Sportster Cafe Build

    I'm diggin the british trials look
  18. Barnburner

    What parts would you make if you had access to a CNC?

    Not sure exactly but I know he will be making custom computer hardware enclosures. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  19. Barnburner

    What parts would you make if you had access to a CNC?

    So, my father in law just bought this CNC machine for his business: Now that I have "access" to such a tool, I was wondering what kind of parts might be easy enough to have made. I was thinking simple items, like brackets, mounts, handlebar risers, etc., but would love to read anyone else's...
  20. Barnburner

    XSR700 Coming to the US

    Yamaha just announced they're bring the XSR700 to the US finally ($8,500 MSRP). From the promo video below, looks like their drawing heavily on the XS650 nostalgia.
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