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  1. Barnburner

    What parts would you make if you had access to a CNC?

    So, my father in law just bought this CNC machine for his business: Now that I have "access" to such a tool, I was wondering what kind of parts might be easy enough to have made. I was thinking simple items, like brackets, mounts, handlebar risers, etc., but would love to read anyone else's...
  2. Barnburner

    XSR700 Coming to the US

    Yamaha just announced they're bring the XSR700 to the US finally ($8,500 MSRP). From the promo video below, looks like their drawing heavily on the XS650 nostalgia.
  3. Barnburner

    WTB CB/CL 350 Toolbox Lid

    I already have the toolbox itself just need this little lid/door piece. I'm hoping someone has one sitting in a crate somewhere. Let me know your price + shipping and I'll get you it via PayPal ASAP. Thanks!
  4. Barnburner

    Need Machinist's Opinion on Steering Neck Bearing Cup

    I am working on an old Aermacchi/HD two stroke that uses the following ball bearing cup/race slip fit into the top and bottom of the frame's steering neck. I would like to swap out the front end on the bike for a super clean CB160 front end that I got for very cheap. This gives me a very...
  5. Barnburner

    CL175 Throttle Cable Routing

    Does anybody have a good image for the proper throttle cable routing for a CL175? I had previously routed mine underneath the tank tunnel on the top of the frame backbone then down one side before it splits into the dual cables, but I have a suspicion this may be incorrect. I have some issues...
  6. Barnburner

    Yamaha SR500E Wiring Diagram

    For the good of the order, here is a copy of the factory wiring diagram for the Yamaha SR500E (i.e. 1978 model) with color code. It's a little confusing being in B&W with letters for the colors but look at all those convenient multi-pin connectors!
  7. Barnburner

    WTB CB/CL350 Rear Distance Collar

    This is good reason why you should sometimes do things yourself. A little over a year ago when I first tore down my CL350, I got all excited and sent my wheels off to a local shop to get new tires, tubes, bearings, and dust seals. I was just getting intimately familiar with bikes at the time and...
  8. Barnburner

    Request for pic of inside of Honda left hand switch

    As the title says, I need a good picture of the inside of a Honda CB/CL left hand switch (signals/horn). I took mine apart to re-solder a broken connection and was a little drunk at the time so I forgot to take a picture to remind myself how it fits back together ::) There are lots of pictures...
  9. Barnburner

    Vintage Takasago 19"x1.85" and 18"x2.15" Rims

    I have a pair of good condition 36 hole Takasago rims (19x1.85 front and 18x2.15 rear) that I would like to trade for a nice pair of 18" WM1 (1.60) or WM2 (1.85) rims for my CL175 project. These rims were an eBay purchase that I decided not to use on my CL350. Based on manufacturer and size I...
  10. Barnburner

    CL175 Exhaust Shields

    I am selling the exhaust shields for a 1971 CL175 (K5). I bought them for my 1972 CL175 without realizing that they don't fit. Condition is decent but nowhere near perfect. There is definitely still a nice shine but both shields have pitting and scratch marks. The muffler shield has a spot in...
  11. Barnburner

    New U.S.-Based Motorcycle Manufacturer

    Not sure if you guys have seen this, but there's about to be a "new" American bike manufacturer named US Highland on the scene. I guess they've been around for a couple years but had some horrible setbacks. According to the Wired article where I read about this: This is pretty cool IMO. I'd...
  12. Barnburner

    WTB: CB or CL175 Exhaust

    In addition to carbs, my new CL175 needs an exhaust. I'd like to get a complete unit but I'd be willing to take just headers if available. Thanks!
  13. Barnburner

    WTB: CB or CL 160/175/200 Carbs

    I am in desperate need of a pair of carbs for my new CL175. I've heard that you can run the stock Keihin carbs from any 160/175/or 200. So, anybody out there got a pair that they could part with for a reasonable price? I need the intake manifolds too if you have them. Thanks!
  14. Barnburner

    CL175 - Runabout

    So, I picked up this sweet little CL175 from fellow DTT'er Buckeye Bike over the weekend. It was quite rough around the edges and missing the carbs, exhaust and front brake cable/lever, but apparently the engine was overhauled recently and bored out (the previous PO used it for FREAKING ICE...
  15. Barnburner

    Interpreting Compression Test Results

    I have a couple of questions about the results of a recent compression test of my CL350 that I was hoping you guys might be able to help me with. Luckily, my wonderful wife also came along with a ASE certified Father-in-law, who very very graciously let me "borrow" this awesome Snap-On...
  16. Barnburner

    CL350 Brambler

    Hey Everyone, As it seems like most of these start, I've been lurking around for a while and finally am getting around to starting a build thread. I picked up this CL350 for $600. It was in decent condition and had a title, so that was good enough for me. Here's a picture of when I picked it...
  17. Barnburner

    CL350 Exhaust Shield

    Does anyone have a beat on the longer heat shield piece from a CL exhaust?
  18. Barnburner

    Historic Plates in Ohio

    Does anyone know if it's legal to run a bike in Ohio with historic plates outside of a parade, show/event? I need to register my '71 CL350 and the one time registration (and badass white and black plate) are too good to pass up. The Ohio BMV site says that in order to qualify for one the bike...
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