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  1. MikeC90

    1972 CL350 rear sets in the way of kickstart need help

    Where can i get a new kickstart to swing out of the way of the rear sets, Thanks
  2. MikeC90

    1972 CL350 k check out were im at so far and gimme advice homies

    just painted frame with krylon semi gloss
  3. MikeC90

    WTB 1972 CL350 Scrambler exhaust please!

    located in chicago. please some one have it thanks
  4. MikeC90

    1972 CL350 Build

    Help and links on were to get parts to cafe it out. and any info from ppl that built them before thanks
  5. MikeC90

    1972 cb350 Rear sets

    Pretty new to this whole thing. Where can i get rear sets and kind of a crash course on how to mount them Thanks
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