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  1. Scratcher09

    Do I need to replace rings?

    I bought a 1980 SR250 on the cheap. I was told it needed a top end rebuild. It was running but rough. I have a set of gaskets and rings. Upon disassembly, I realized that the cylinder wall, piston, etc look to be in great shape. The valves are sealing well. I had not looked at the mileage...
  2. Scratcher09

    CL350 tank

    Here is a CL tank I’m going to use on my CB. I wanted to use my favorite Honda graphic but add my own twist to it.
  3. Scratcher09

    Recent project

  4. Scratcher09

    Fresh paint

  5. Scratcher09

    CB350 paint job

  6. Scratcher09

    Fresh paint job

    I just finished this paint job for my '71 CB350. I also rebuilt the motor, painted the frame, and refurbished many parts. I'm anxious to get it back together and ride.
  7. Scratcher09

    Float height CB350

    I always set float height for CL/CB 350 with round floats at 22mm. I did find info stating that it is 19, 21, or 26 depending on engine number. #1000001-1045164......19mm #1045165-1065378......21mm #1065379 and later.......26mm What is "engine number"? VIN numbers? My VINs don't match any...
  8. Scratcher09

    Xs1100 shift lever does nothing

    I recently got my 1980 Xs1100 running for the first time in years. A few blocks from my house as i was going from 2nd gear to 3rd, it just popped into neutral. I pulled over and now the shift lever does nothing. It moves up or down but do not feel any gears. The motor runs fine. The clutch...
  9. Scratcher09

    bmw airhead unstable after highway spill

    My front tire on my 1974 BMW R90/6 blew at 75mph. At about 60mph I went down. The bike slid on its right side. Amazingly, i was banged and bruised and scraped, but ok (extremely lucky--especially considering i dont wear a helmet). The bike slid on the valve cover and nearly wore through...
  10. Scratcher09

    Do new gaskets need sealant?

    I painted this CL350 motor with 2K urethane engine paint. I have a set of new gaskets. I've heard conflicting info on whether or not to use sealant on new gaskets.
  11. Scratcher09

    Metal chunk in oil

    I decided to get started on a 1971 CB350 I've had sitting in my garage for a couple years. It has 7K miles on it. The right cylinder has 155psi cold. The left has none. I am pulling the motor so I can tear into it. As I'm draining the oil, this chunk of metal comes out. Anyone know what it...
  12. Scratcher09

    Push/pull throttle

    I have a CB360 that is running rough. It bogs down after the second half of the throttle. Previous owner removed the push cable. What effect would eliminating the push cable have on performance? I am currently adjusting valves, timing, and cleaning carbs.
  13. Scratcher09

    Bonneville battery wiring question

    Several months ago I bought a 1978 Bonneville T140E. It ran strong but it was hard to start (kick only). I rode it to work a few times when I first got it but then I lost a muffler and it started leaking profusely from the brakes and forks. So it has sat in my garage. Today I cleaned the...
  14. Scratcher09

    Cycle-Tech electronic ignition

    Has anyone used this electronic ignition? It's more affordable than the Pamco set up be been wanting to get. Just wanted to know if it's reliable. Here's a link:
  15. Scratcher09

    What could cause this?

    I painted my tank a while back and when I reassembled it, it has not been running right. It feels like it is staved for fuel. Petcock and tank seem to be fine. So I pulled the tank to put an extra tank on it and this is what i discovered. I do remember leaving the ignition on with the motor...
  16. Scratcher09

    Paint gun advise

    Hoping some experienced painters will offer me some advise. I have an opportunity to buy two Sata Jet 3000's at a really low price. Problem is that they have needle/nozzle/caps for water borne paint. I know replacing needle/nozzle/cap will be about $175 each so I am reluctant to buy these...
  17. Scratcher09

    Head gasket (MIA)

    I just picked up a '74 cb360 and it turns on but runs rough. Pulled carbs and one of the emulsion tubes was sitting at the bottom of the float bowl. Cleaned them in an ultrasonic cleaner and going to reassemble them tomorrow. My question is about the lack of head gasket. It appears that...
  18. Scratcher09

    Just painted my CL350

    I had the original color matched and painted it. I tried to keep it looking original.
  19. Scratcher09

    CB350f hits a wall at 45mph. (Solved)

    I recently picked up this 1974 CB350F with less than 6000 miles. Starts on first kick almost every time. Problem is I can't take it past 45 or 50 mph. It feels strong until I get on the high way. In neutral I can rev it near red line and it sounds strong. But after 45 mph, the power just...
  20. Scratcher09

    Starter issue

    Just bought this '74 cb350 with 5K miles. Seems to be in good shape. When I hit the starter button, it usually just spins without engaging. Once in a blue moon it will engage. Is it safe to say I need to rebuild or replace the starter? Or is there anything else that it could be? Just...
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