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  1. guernz

    2021 daytona 200

    Anyone know if it gonna be streamed on NBC Trackpass this year?
  2. guernz

    Is this a sign?

    Was gonna start a thread but it wouldn't let me. What is this all about?
  3. guernz

    Guernz's on/off road

    Another one
  4. guernz

    Guernz's brakeless

    Stock frame....... Cut the neck off......
  5. guernz

    Cool vintage race bike

    Was at Unadilla MX Rewind. The bike was hauling. Wish I took more pics. Thought some or you cats would enjoy.
  6. guernz

    Who has multiple builds going at once?

    I can't seem to stay focused on one project and finish it. After a week or two, I'm digging something else out to work on and so on. Never quit the project, just move it to the side for a couple weeks or months. I'm not complaining about it. I enjoy working on them this way. Just wondering how...
  7. guernz

    Guernz's MX bike

    Give me a week or two and I'll have more parts.
  8. guernz

    Check this out

    That is my 86 year old Gramp standing next to dad's just finished Dirtster. Less than 2 miles on it. All new complete build. We get back from mid-ohio, he's gonna get some miles on it.
  9. guernz

    Guernz's new project

  10. guernz

    Guernz's vintage mx

    I've had it for 10 years in storage. Unadilla mx rewind got the gears turning. Time to do something with it.
  11. guernz

    Guernz's old man's cafe project.

    Dad started a new project.
  12. guernz

    Two stroke triple street bikes

  13. guernz

    Guernz's rigid

  14. guernz

    guernz's xl

    another project. ready to tear into it.
  15. guernz

    new toys

    got some new toys yesterday.
  16. guernz

    Vintage MX Bike

    Another project. I plan on racing it next year at Mid-Ohio VMD's.
  17. guernz

    how does this work?

    This is a friend's girlfriend's mom's friend"s bike so I'm getting fith hand info. She took the bike,Honda CX500 by the way, to the honda shop because it wouldn't start. They gave her her starter reduction gear back and told her she needs to get about .003 added to the boss that sticks up. They...
  18. guernz


    I read somewhere that there will be street version debuted in the fall of 2013. I hope its true, I might have to visit the bank.
  19. guernz

    any info on these bikes?

    They are Factory Honda dirt trackers from the 80's. They look like CX engines turned sideways and converted to chain drive. I would like to know more about them.
  20. guernz

    guernz's guitar project

    I'm starting to get back into my winter project I have not touched since april. This is what I am trying to build.
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