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  1. YogiBear

    What are your preferred glasses for riding?

    I ride with a full face helmet but love having the shield open. I will pop it down when in dusty conditions etc, but taking in the fresh air is part of the fun of riding for me. I am looking at riding glasses to keep the bugs etc out of my eyes while out cruising and for riding at night with the...
  2. YogiBear

    What kind of riding boots do you like/are using?

    I'm looking to get a set and am curious what the do the ton crowd prefers/is/has used.
  3. YogiBear

    Your preference of Slip on mufflers for 4 into 1 header?

    I'm curious what everybody's preference is for slip on mufflers? I see alot of reverse megaphone options out there but would like to know what people here have used on their builds and/or what they prefer. I have a four into one header for my 750 and am looking for options/opinions.
  4. YogiBear

    Anybody use a clip style master link with 530 DID O ring chain?

    I'm installing a new 530 DID O ring chain on my CB750 and I'd like to know if any of you have used a clip style master link with that make and size chain? I prefer clip style over rivet (which is the style master link I have now)
  5. YogiBear

    Wanted: CB750K front fender (79-83 Dohc)

    Looking for a front fender from a dohc era CB750K. Chrome condition is not that important, I will be bobbing it. PM me, thanks.
  6. YogiBear

    Can anybody on DTT make me a set of rearsets with specific dimensions?

    I am looking to replace the rearsets on my bike with a universal styled pair. The area I have them mounted is kind of tight and the pairs that most have bought on ebay or through places like dime city cycles just won't fit mine. So my question is if there is somebody who can make me a pair with...
  7. YogiBear

    What ramps do you prefer?

    I have been looking at upgrading from my old broken wood ramps. I want to get an aluminum set (or trifold). The ramps that harbor freight offers have some pretty unflattering reviews. And the 500 lb weight limit makes me a bit skeptical. My 74 750 probably pushes that easily. So, my question to...
  8. YogiBear

    Can anybody ID this half fairing?

    The one in question is on the CR750 styled 750. Its the same bike just painted in the later pics. I checked airtech with no luck.
  9. YogiBear

    Wanted: 4 into 1 exhaust for CB750

    I'm looking for a 4 into 1 Exhaust for a dohc era 79-82 Honda CB750. I'm located in Kitsap County, Wa (Port Orchard, Wa)
  10. YogiBear

    Bbq paint or Caliper paint for Exhaust?

    I'm curious if any of you have experience with either. I am debating on getting a 4 into 1 pipe for my 750 and am considering the potential coating options. I've also considered ceramic coating (which I've used on a car part or two) but I think for the sake of touching up rock chips and what...
  11. YogiBear

    Superbike/Euro Handlebars 7/8"

    Set of 7/8 inch euro low rise handlebars. they are also sometimes referred to as super bike bars. this set is in good shape with nice chrome and are straight. these would work well on a street fighter, or a cafe if you are looking for a more comfy ride than clubmans or clip ons give. message me...
  12. YogiBear

    Caps for oil cooler ports?

    I have a spin on filter adapter on my CB750. It has two 1/2" ports for oil cooler lines. I have decided to take the oil cooler off. What can I block off the ports with? There must be some kind of rubber caps I could use to cover them and hose clamp them on?
  13. YogiBear

    Ride Sunday May 6th. in Tacoma/Kitsap Co. Wa

    Anybody in for a ride this coming Sunday the 6th? Supposed to be decent and dry.
  14. YogiBear

    It's like the energizer bunny...

    I went out for a ride this afternoon/evening with my Brother. We stopped for a break and started talking about what we wanted to do to our bikes. I realized that even though I consider my bike done for the most part, there are lots of things I still want to do to it. Hence the Energizer Bunny...
  15. YogiBear

    Wanted: Honda CB750C Gas Tank

    Looking for a clean 1980-1982 Honda CB750 Custom (CB750C) gas tank. I don't particularly need the gas cap or petcock. Thanks.
  16. YogiBear

    Tank sprained a leak, Repair or replace?

    I went to replace my spark plug wires the other night and discovered a leak in my gas tank. It's towards the front of the tank on the underneath side. It wasn't a gradual thing. One day it didn't leak then it did. Being that the CB750C isn't the most common bike on the road, I am kind of torn. I...
  17. YogiBear

    Universal petcock for DOHC CB750?

    I want to get a new petcock for my CB750. I have read that the option is available to rebuild them, but I'd rather just replace it for my peace of mind. Has anybody replaced theirs with a universal unit?
  18. YogiBear

    Anybody have these Levers/MC Combo?

    I'm looking at these: Does anybody have them?
  19. YogiBear

    Where do you guys buy spark plug wires?

    I'm looking at this set: They are specifically for my bike, and the seller has perfect feedback but I'm wondering...
  20. YogiBear

    Anybody have info on this bike?

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