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  1. Basement rat

    Trying to find a specific picture for a tattoo.

    I need some help to find a photo or drawing of an attractive woman running towards the pov/ or camera and looking back over her shoulder with fear in her face. I would prefer long hair but can redraw. The tattoo I'm drawing up for my self is of said woman running from an alien craft with fire...
  2. Basement rat

    People in Calafornia,

    Why you no ride motorcycles? Seriously, its +20 outside, I drove from San Diego to Venice Beach and I might have seen bike for every 300 cars. The weather's nice, its not windy, no bugs. Whats the deal? Maybe its that I come from a place that saw -40 last week and we have several feet of...
  3. Basement rat

    To do in San Diego

    Whats to do and see in the area? I'll be around for most of Febuary. I'm going to a Super Cross race but otherwise... Havnt a clue, never been there before.
  4. Basement rat

    Go Pro stuff

    I just bought a Go Pro Hero 2 with wifi back pack, remote, two cases 32 gig series 10 card with two cases and three lenses for $200. I managed to figure out how to update the camera and sync it with my cell phone. I just wanted to see what you guys have done with mounting rigs and things with...
  5. Basement rat

    Who else is on the same bus as me?

    Edit *The wife is* having a kid and I cant afford to finish my bike... Dont get me wrong, the kid is a good thing but that 2K I think I need to finish it, is much better spent else where. Smart ass below ::)
  6. Basement rat

    House explosion, family in need. I dont know the people personally, but the names are familiar I work in the same unit the MCpl did. This is crappy any time of the year, let alone weeks before Christmas. A few years back someones...
  7. Basement rat

    A back rest I recovered last night.

    Its so nice dealing with customers who are easy to deal with. I threw up an add on Kijiji a month ago parting out a parts bike I bought. Tons of flakes ("I'll give you $15 for all your signal lights") but this guy... He liked the back rest and wanted to buy it. I for warned him and sent him...
  8. Basement rat

    Hostgator vs Go Daddy

    I'm looking at making a site, These two seem to be the best. Does anyone have experience?
  9. Basement rat

    The Bol' Dor hack

    I've got some redwing hammer head shocks I've had for the longest time. I might be trading them for an old rig a guy built for dirt bikes years ago. I'll post pictures of ny idea later today!
  10. Basement rat

    1980 CB750K, 900C parts

    I have a bike I bought for a few parts I needed, parting out the rest. let me know what you need. Also have an exhaust for the same bike with one seasons use. Also have CB900C engine parts, final drive and etc less the cams and a few other odds and ends. Will consider 70's Dodge truck parts...
  11. Basement rat

    Need a wedding song

    Getting married in 1 week from today. Motorcycles are a big part and the mrs is quite firm on a rock song (she only knows like 20...), but i cant pick one I like... Its just for the grand entrance when we walk out with the party. thanks
  12. Basement rat

    Dealing with idiots trying to sell a bike:

    A few weeks ago, I had a guy come by with his friend who had been riding for years. His friend tried to tell me it was wrecked, that the frame was bent, the brakes were bad, the choke was wrong, the grips were dangerous and its a death trap... He had a pristine HD jacket on... Today I have...
  13. Basement rat

    What have I been missing my whole life!?

    So I've been riding street bike for a good four years. Average riding around town and highway. Two years ago my wifes brother passed away and her mother gifted me his dirt bike: Its a 04 KX250F ish... I don't know dick about dirt bikes except its FAST. Lee's friends all said how mad this...
  14. Basement rat

    Do the Ton, Russia?

    Is this legit Tim?
  15. Basement rat

    Members from New Zealand

    Can someone post up some good sites on Ohakea and Auckland areas? Real estate, cost of living and so on? Also General information about the areas is good too. Thanks.
  16. Basement rat

    Just did 1100 km Yesterday,

    On a 79 CB750k with wind jammer fairing...
  17. Basement rat

    Carroll Shelby, January 11, 1923 – May 10, 2012

    Just found out today.
  18. Basement rat

    Dear god, what is this guy smoking?

    Harley tank on a CB with Moto-X bars... One of a kind – Rebuilt by the Canadian Lonewolves as a project. Hate to see it go. 1978 HONDA CB 750 Custom Paint by Bentley, custom Seat, custom Fenders, custom fuel tank, custom taillight and signal lights in rear of seat, custom side covers and...
  19. Basement rat

    Wearing old helmets.

    Who are you kidding?
  20. Basement rat

    Japanese bike washes up on BC shore from Tsunami Wow!
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