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  1. timberwolffxdl

    CL350 parts needed

    Looking for parts for my 1971 CL350: right side controls (no cables needed) rear fender for sure, maybe front fender too for the right deal fork ears (for headlight bucket) will add more as I come across it.
  2. timberwolffxdl

    might seem dumb, but... CL350 heat shield (over the pipes) bolts?

    Bike didn't come with the heat shield. Picked one up from a user here. But I'm not sure if it just uses some standard metric bolts, or if they're shouldered, or...? So if anyone wants to sell me some, or shoot a picture of theirs so I know what to look for elsewhere, I'd be grateful.
  3. timberwolffxdl

    Flush mount cap (sorta)

    Decided to get rid if the flip top from this old honda tank. Looked like hell inside, but I had already soaked it in lacquer thinner for a few days to get rid of the varnish, and then Evaporust to get rid of any of that nonsense... So it was just a matter of a little cleanup with some brake...
  4. timberwolffxdl

    cb360 brake pad removal?

    on the piston side of the caliper... I got the pad unstuck (which was comedic in itself... I c-clamped the pad and when it popped loose I caught a nice face full of brake fluid and evapo-rust shooting out of the port) but I'm not sure if the pad should just slide off over the roll pin or if I...
  5. timberwolffxdl

    Close enough?

  6. timberwolffxdl

    WTB 1971 CL350 side cove emblem

    looks like this.
  7. timberwolffxdl

    WTB: CL350 scrambler exhaust heat shield

    just like the title says. What do you have? :)
  8. timberwolffxdl

    CL350/360 keyed gas cap removal?

    Trying to figure out how to remove the fuel cap assembly. On my 75 CL360, it was easy enough... just some pins. But it was non locking. I have a CB360 tank (1976) and a CL350 tank (1971) that both have locking caps. Trying to figure out how to remove the whole assembly so I can paint the...
  9. timberwolffxdl

    CL350 medium/dark green wire near coil?

    Pulled the tank off to clean it. Noticed a female connector to a green wire, but no male connector nearby. What's missing? Right side of bike, right near the coil. Horn still works so it's not that green wire :lol:
  10. timberwolffxdl

    CL350 air filter cover won't come off?

    Bolt just spins and spins... how can I get to the back side of it?
  11. timberwolffxdl

    CL350 engine, complete. Also have carbs, basket case CL350 engine

    Turns over freely. Doesn't appear to have been taken apart. I think I have a stator cover and sprocket cover for it on a shelf that I will include. $200 in Battle Creek, MI One carb complete, as seen in the picture. $35. Everything moves freely. I have a parts carb that's completely...
  12. timberwolffxdl

    1971 CL350 with title, complete (nearly) running bike

    Bought it from a guy who needed some cash after falling victim to one of those internet scams where they send you a fake check. Yep, he deposited it and bought a few things, then found out the check didn't clear which put him in a hole. Anyway, I came home with it last night. against my...
  13. timberwolffxdl

    Decided to try this whole fiberglass seat pan thing...

    Decided to start the fiberglass project today. First time ever using the stuff, so we'll see how it goes. Will probably go out and pop it later this evening.
  14. timberwolffxdl

    JD2 dies

    Anyone have a JD2 bender? We have one here at the shop, used primarily for 3/4" tubing for a specific customer. We'd like to use it for some of our own projects, which require 1" or 1.5" tubing. Anyone know where I can find the profile or any other dimensions to make the dies? I am pretty...
  15. timberwolffxdl

    CB350 head

    I've got other engine parts too. Anyway... glass beaded it. Don't see any broken or bent fins. No evidence of water. $50 plus shipping
  16. timberwolffxdl

    Vintage Fog City (San Francisco) leather motorcycle jacket

    picked this up a while back. not really my style after all. I thought it was pretty cool vintage leather, made in the USA :) Size Large, located in MI. $100 and shipping
  17. timberwolffxdl

    "Fog City Leather"

    picked this up a while back. may not keep it but thought it was pretty cool vintage leather, made in the USA :)
  18. timberwolffxdl

    When you see it...

    hmmm... maybe it should have been made in Japan instead? (from a 1974 CB360)
  19. timberwolffxdl

    Not what you want to find when you pop the cover...

    This was under the valve cover of the CL360 motor that was running just hours before. Notice the end of the tensioner is broke off. Too bad too as it's the updated style. The other tensioner was only about 1" long when I pulled it out. the rest must be in the crank case. Explains the crack...
  20. timberwolffxdl

    CB360 disc brake conversion, tank, and other parts

    $100 plus shipping. Includes master cylinder/lever, brake line, bracketry, caliper, pads, front wheel. Caliper needs a new bleeder valve, and probably a good cleanout (40 year old bike). Solid tank, with petcock, OEM aluminum strips, chrome looks good. Light dent in top (see pics)...
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