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  1. crazypj

    A Benchmaster Milling Machine Non Restoration

    Not quite, lost the battery cover months ago and spends way too much time watching You Tube video's . I had no idea what FNAF was until he insisted Nana got him a graphic novel. He's still not reading which is probably a good thing as it's a horror story/series about animatronics, AI and...
  2. crazypj

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    I think you may be right about fuel flow. As mentioned, you need to check flow amount actually through the carb although I think it may just be the fuel tap bore or filter and it's easier to check that. You may need to change tap for something off a different model, maybe DT250 or something?
  3. crazypj

    Anyone in Florida?

    I'm in Altamonte Springs but no idea of any shop[s with vintage parts. Due to the way stock is taxed it's usually disposed of. I do know quite a lot about bikes from 1970's through to 1990 as I worked in Honda, (older 'pre-Kawasaki) Triumph, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Vespa, MZ dealers (2 multi line...
  4. crazypj

    A Benchmaster Milling Machine Non Restoration

    I've been using EP140 gear oil in the bearings of the mill/drill. (oilcan pumping it through the Morse taper drift slot) Picked up an extra 50rpm at max speed and flushed out a lot of crap I didn't know was in there. Watched a You Tube video of mill/drill being reconditioned and apparently they...
  5. crazypj

    An Atlas Craftsman 6" Lathe Non Restoration

    Hi Dennis, glad to see things moving along.
  6. crazypj

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Nice to see your still going on with things after the last few years. I just got older and tired(er)
  7. crazypj


    Hi Dennis, really sorry to hear about this. That wasn't something that could have been done by an opportunist in 10 seconds, someone knew and probably, the worst part, someone you know who's been in there. Pissed off anyone major lately?
  8. crazypj

    Monster Version 2

    That looks REALLY expensive. From what I've learned about gears over the years, looks like a modified developed tooth form? Because you have fixed centres it isn't possible to add a tooth to one side without reducing count on the other meshing gear so it's doubtful any of the teeth are a...
  9. crazypj

    New popular tire choices CB's, Conti classic attack, avon road riders discontinued?

    I really liked Metzeler's on 360, I much prefer them to AVON. Dunlop K70 are also a 'classic' choice for rear with an Avon 'ribbed' front rather than both from same manufacturer (way back when I always found bikes handled better with the Dunlop/AVON combination)
  10. crazypj

    Gas on right side spark plug - CB360

    Oh, as for the gas problem, probably need shut off valve or maybe just dirt in the shut off? Re-set float level to 21mm if you run E10 fuel (and being in Cali you probably can't get anything else?)
  11. crazypj

    Gas on right side spark plug - CB360

    Do you have any idea of the actual mileage? If it's below 30,000 it's doubtful that bores are worn and you probably just need rings? Cylinders will normally last 60~80,000 miles or more but rings wear relatively quick if your using rpm correctly. You don't need the CJ pick up unless your sloppy...
  12. crazypj

    cb450 drum swap onto cb350, easy?

    How did you get an 18" CB450 wheel? I've only seen them as 19". Anyway, swap is dead easy but I think you need new spacers to keep wheel centred. (haven't done one for about 10 years) To be honest, you would be better looking for a CB72/CB77 front wheel which has much closer spaced fins on hub...
  13. crazypj

    Valve spring replacement??

    You won't really get any performance drop off until it's at high rpm when valves may 'float'. As the 360 needs to be over 6,000rpm to work OK you are limiting rpm range but should still be safe to around 9,000rpm. You are measuring with a caliper or micrometer? You may be cranking down too...
  14. crazypj

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    Sorry, I'm still alive but things have been a bit worse than usual last few years.(I posted some stuff in 360 build to blog). I made new valve guides but step-grandson liked the look of them and managed to 'move' them 'somewhere' so I have to make another set.(he's 5 now but still likes to...
  15. crazypj

    Wiring help - '72 CL 450

    Make sure points are gapped properly and also the insulating washers are in the correct places. Make sure wires are not shorted to ground at points plate or cover. Green with yellow tracer is usual on 'switched grounds' or alternator connector but I think the yellow trace was discontinued on...
  16. crazypj

    PMC billet clutch release kit - anybody have one?

    Do you have any spacers or washers tospace it out slightly? Better to do that before cutting anything.
  17. crazypj

    1975 Yamaha RD350 - Engine noise after engine seizure repair

    If I remember right, LC pistons have smaller windows in piston and are 2mm shorter than RD? (it's been around 35 years since I worked in Yamaha dealers) Clearance should be around 0.002" but will work up to 0.005", above that the skirts break off from piston slap. I didn't see bore clearance...
  18. crazypj

    1975 Yamaha RD350 - Engine noise after engine seizure repair

    You didn't put the pistons in backwards? Arrow pointing to exhaust ( and piston skirt 'windows' to intake) Circlips were seated properly? Small end bearings new? Did you check the port chamfers? Exhaust port is real easy to do but the transfers and bypass ports quite a lot more difficult I would...
  19. crazypj

    old floats

    I make vacuum adapters for 360's and they fit float bowl drain screws. So far, I have never seen 360 'foam' floats become damaged even with E10 fuel. Don't put them in carb cleaner though.. If your using E10, set floats (properly not by CMC video) to 21mm. Non ethanol uses stock spec (19.5mm)...
  20. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    Was a bit bored yesterday so made a new axle nut for 360. Original steel only weighs about two ounces but I had a 'new toy' to play with (collet blocks) so made one from 6061 aluminium. It's less than three quarters of an ounce so I'm going to use it on the 'lightweight' 378. Dumb? I don't care...
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