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  1. Blacktopbandit

    71 Triumph Tiger Bob/chop

    Well i grabbed this bike last year and rode it as is for the season to get used to the backwards shifter/brake set up. Over the winter i started tearing into it when time permitted. I have a few options and am undecided which route to take. I really love both the bobber and vintage chopper...
  2. Blacktopbandit


    1977 Cb 550K Hope you like.
  3. Blacktopbandit

    Shinko Classic 240's Double white walls

    I need help. i am trying to find Shinko Tires in canada and am having a very hard time. I'm looking for 16" double white walls. they are abundant south of the boarder but hard to have shipped up here. If anyone has a supplier in the GTA that carries these tires please advise. Thanks in advance.
  4. Blacktopbandit

    TAS Classic MotorSports-WTF

    Has anyone else bought from these guys????? I purchased some parts some months back and have yet to receive them. I received the confirmation email saying the money was sent but that is all. I understand one of the parts was on back order so i have taken that into account but really WTF. I...
  5. Blacktopbandit

    Interactive Wiring diagrams (honda)

    I was doing a little searching to help make redoing a wiring harness easier and came across this. Hope it helps someone.
  6. Blacktopbandit

    16" rear

    Hey guys/gals, I have purchased an aftermarket 16" / 3.00 rear rim ment for a CB750. I'm going to be using it on a CB550 Brat project. The question is - the rim came with the spokes to fit the rear hub for the 750, but is the 550 hub going to take the same spokes or am i going to have to...
  7. Blacktopbandit


    Hey guys/gals I'm sure this has been written about to death so if someone can direct me to the link(s) or offer advice that would be great. Problem - I have changed out the air box and added pods to my CB550. Now the bike runs like s%@t. can anyone recommend a jet kit and the settings to...
  8. Blacktopbandit

    Newbie in the GTA

    After checking out this site and seeing some of you guys motoring past my place i decided that instead of dropping my hard earned cash on an already completed bike i would create my own. i was torn between the bobber and cafe styles at first. I started off with a 77' CB 550 and began bobbing...
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