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  1. Derwood

    Installing new motor gaskets in CB550k

    I'm new to this and am curious as to what to do (or maybe not do) with my new gaskets prior to installing them. I have seen/heard that some folks prefer to coat the gaskets with some sort of anti seize and some folks suggest to not do anything. I can see the benefit of the anti seize, maybe...
  2. Derwood

    Gasket removal

    Looking for all advice on best method for removing old/baked on gaskets.
  3. Derwood

    Tank badge removal/replace '78 CB550

    How can this be done without damaging. Looking for all insight. Thanks in advance.
  4. Derwood

    NEW bolt kits?

  5. Derwood

    What is this?

    Can anybody explain what this is?
  6. Derwood

    CB550 / '78. Engine removal

    Hello, I am trying to get my engine out of the frame so that I may replace all seals and service the valves etc. can anybody give a hint on how to get the engine out of the frame? I'm looking for dismount instructions specifically as i have already disconnected everything else and removed all...
  7. Derwood

    '78 CB550K wiring...

    I am new to the game and my '78 CB550 is showing signs of old wiring. Can anyone suggest a source for all new electrics for these bikes?
  8. Derwood

    FLEDA Tail Light System

    Has anybody tried using these on a CB? If so, where did you purchase?
  9. Derwood

    CB550K - Should I re-jet the carbs after removing air box??

    Brand new to the game. Looking for advice on which jets need to be changed to which size after removing air-box. I plan on using the K&N pods. Thanks in advance!
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