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  1. intrudin

    Bitsa A65

    Up for sale is a 90%complete A65 Bitsa it runs needs finishing touches and looking over some electrics (no brake light) it has boyer ignition system, a brand new carb Im located in Southern Ontario north of T.O. looking for 2000$ or Best Offer cheers jimd
  2. intrudin


    Looking for a tribsa front wheel with a TLs hub in the Southern Ontario area jimdainty@hotmail thanks for looking
  3. intrudin

    68 trump located in Ontario Canada

    Its go to go :'( will consider all offers over $4000. thanks for looking
  4. intrudin

    H4 bulb

    Where can i get a H4 35/35w bulb in the GTA cheers :o jimd
  5. intrudin

    sideburn racing ;D
  6. intrudin

    cafe video

    Not sure if this has been posted :D
  7. intrudin

    MB5.. little Stinker

    Picked up this little stinker was a freebie so the build begins picked it up in box's mostley all there,mocked it up for now , and get my wishlist started.. 1st got to get a owners manual
  8. intrudin

    Its all about goin GREEN

    John Deere green - Joe Diffie (LYRICS!)
  9. intrudin

    Yamaha RC5

    Project bike for sale complete in boxs with rollin frame/ownership pics available on req best reasonable offers jimd,.,..,.,,., located in Southern Ontario
  10. intrudin

    cool stunts
  11. intrudin

    W.E.B Pub nite

    Startin 'Oct' Tue 26 any one interested ;D ;D
  12. intrudin

    Brit cult film

    watch it all,,,
  13. intrudin

    West End Boyz.. 3rd Annual Fall Ride

    SEPT 26...any one???? ;D ;D ;D
  14. intrudin

    Milton Swap Meet

    ITS A Must ;D
  15. intrudin


    Hey this Sunday i'm goin to the Ice House , ;D will be there 9.30 /10 BREAKFAST any one??? maybe have breaky in Rockwood ;)
  16. intrudin

    Hot/high times

    Wow was so f$#$#kin hot to day.. got home into the brew ;D ;D Ok i cant ride now 'hic' dialed into my Favourite Tune ...and appropriate ;) Rolled up a spliff and now im feelin kinda cool ;D Camel - Ice (complete) Live enjoy
  17. intrudin


    well she's finally done and runing ;D MVI_0011.AVI MVI_0012.AVI Hooligan MVI_0013.AVI Hooligan MVI_0015.AVI Hooligan
  18. intrudin

    Ride for Dad

    Yikesss it that time again ;D ;D "ride for dad" Check out your local Ride...... I will be ridin with Peel region....Hope to see sone of Ya ;D ;D feel free to ccheck out my page the jar needs topping up :D :D...
  19. intrudin

    W.E.B Tuesday night rides

    Who's in this Tues 2nd June ;D ;D ;D ???
  20. intrudin

    W.E.B..... Victoria w/k end Ride ...2010

    So who's in for a ride this w/k end Sunday morning breakfast at the Ice house 9 thru 10 then a ride thru the escarpment ..or any other suggestion ;D ;D ;D stand up and be counted ;)
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