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  1. Dragonfish

    cb350 - Mushy Shifter

    This started the other day and I'm not sure what to look at. When in neutral if I shift into first, the pedal feels mushy and there is no "click". The bike goes into first, it just doesn't feel right. When I upshift it feels perfectly normal. Not sure how it feels from 4-3 or 3-2 as I haven't...
  2. Dragonfish

    Help Save my local Drive-in Movie Theater!

    At the end of this year, all movie theaters are required to use digital projectors. There are hundreds of Drive-Ins across the US that will not have the $85,000 needed for the conversion. Honda has decided to donate the upgrade to 9 theaters (so far 5 chosen, 4 left). They are letting people...
  3. Dragonfish

    CB350 - No power

    I just tried to go for a ride and my bike was really weird. I rode it last weekend and it ran great. Today, it was hard to start and didn't want to run without the choke on. I took it around the block and it had no power. (no puns about it being a 350) As I was riding it would keep surging on...
  4. Dragonfish

    cb350 hard to shift into 3rd

    When I'm riding and I shift from second to third, occasionally it stays in second. When it happens I can feel it happening, like I lift the shift lever up and I don't feel that "pop" of it hitting the gear. After letting the clutch out if I try again it just works fine. No other gear does this...
  5. Dragonfish

    How to buy a dead guy's bike - Illinois

    My buddy came to me today to tell me this 70 year old lady he knows has an "older honda" in the garage and she wants to get rid of it. She has the title. I have no idea if it is signed by the decedant. If not, what hoops do I have to jump through to get a title? I'm going to go check it out...
  6. Dragonfish

    Fantasy Football?

    Anyone interested in a DTT fantasy football league? I've never run one but I'd give it a shot. Real basic, automatic draft.
  7. Dragonfish

    CB350 Throttle Cable

    I need a stock length CB350 throttle cable to replace my +6" cable. Also need brake and clutch but I got a seller for those already. Be nice if I could find a package deal.
  8. Dragonfish

    WTT: CB350 cables - need stock length

    I have a full set of nice +6" cables for a CB350, need stock to replace with.
  9. Dragonfish

    Help~ CB350 warm up RPM raises bike dies

    Ok, I really need some advice. Bike has not run too well, I've been working on it for a couple months. Had bad mufflers and air filters so I replaced them with Nice stock mufflers and Uni foam filters. Tonight I pulled the carbs, bench synced them, checked the float height (26mm Keihin 3D)...
  10. Dragonfish

    cb350 starter compatability?

    I have a dead starter on my 71 cb350. Are there any other models/years that share the same starter? That will make it easier to find one. Thanks!
  11. Dragonfish

    CB350 Parts Carb Keihin 3D right side

    I have a spare parts carb from the right side of a 71 CB350 stamped 3D. Carb body is in excellent shape and has all the throttle parts. Pics here of everthing included. $10 + shipping.
  12. Dragonfish

    WTB: Mirror. cheap. not ugly.

    I need a mirror. A cheap one. Not huge or ugly.
  13. Dragonfish

    Muffler repair

    My CB350 has the original mufflers on it. The right one is perfect, and the left one LOOKS perfect. Until you look under it and behind it and find the huge holes. Strangely there is no visible rust, just big holes. I'm looking for a nice stock replacement, but in the mean time I'm thinking of JB...
  14. Dragonfish

    WTB: Stock CB350 left muffler

    Looking for a standard CB350 left side muffler. Doesn't have to be perfect, but no holes.
  15. Dragonfish

    CB350 burning plugs

    I need some advice. It was running pretty great a few weeks ago, then it sat until today. I got it to start but it was hard! Then it really just wouldn't stay running. I could feather the throttle to keep it running but it would eventually die. I pulled the plugs and this is what I found: The...
  16. Dragonfish

    Wanted! CB350 carb

    I need a parts carb for my 71 CB350. Mine is a Keihin 3D and I need the right side. Specifically I need one with the choke assembly in tact! The rest of it isn't really important.
  17. Dragonfish

    1971 CB350 - slightly obnoxious

    After about a year of looking, I finally found the right bike! A running 1971 Honda CB350K3 posted on Craigslist for $750. I offered him $500 and he took it. The bike was downtown Chicago in kind of a sketchy neighborhood. The address he gave me was an old abandoned paint manufacturer and I was...
  18. Dragonfish

    CB350 Carb missing choke valve

    I just picked up my first bike, a 1971 CB350. The right carb does not have a choke valve and the connector between the two carbs is missing. Is this replaceable or do I have to buy a whole carb? I've dug around and can't find one. The parts fiche doesn't seem to show the valve assembly as being...
  19. Dragonfish

    Cafe advice need in WI too!

    I'm thinking about buying this bike: It will be my first bike. Should I jump on it? He'll take $350 cash. Everyone says I should get a twin for my first bike and I'm a pretty small guy so I was leaning towards something smaller.
  20. Dragonfish

    82 Kawi 750 w/title $175 SE WI This is for parts or full does not run has clear title.text or leave message 262-748-7636
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