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  1. Stayradmoto

    My kitchen needed one of these so ....

    Guaranteed good time when this thing comes out. Holds any 750ml bottle Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  2. Stayradmoto

    Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe CA?

    Anyone wanna take a from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe? I’ve got two other cafe riding budddies. Also any good bike meet ups in area?
  3. Stayradmoto

    CB 360 no label parts build!

    Hey guys I’m new here! I live on the west coast, play music, and tinker in the garage. Cars, boats, bikes, anything that catches my eye. I don’t make enough money to keep everything I build so I sell some of the things I build. I’ve used this forum for learning and lurking in the past. I’m in...
  4. Stayradmoto

    Need a CB 360 camshaft! Ready to buy

    Hey anyone out there have a CB360 camshaft in decent condition? I just cracked mine tightening down the points cam. So dumb. Telling myself that it mush have had a small crack in it because there is no way I righted that hard. Who knows. Aaaaaaah. Any help appreciated!
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