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  1. iGreek

    Swapping out Air Forks?

    Hey guys. I'm currently building a '81 CB750C and was trying to figure out what to do about the air forks. They do hold pressure and work just fine, but was wondering if I should replace them to get better performance/handling out of the bike. Can I just swap forks off a similar year CB750...
  2. iGreek

    1981 CB750C Build

    Hey guys! Picked up this 1981 CB750C about a month ago with plans to do a Cafe-ish build. Little did I know that I picked the worst start for a Cafe bike, with it being a C. Nonetheless, it was in quite good condition, being pretty much all original with only 19,XXX miles on it and I picked it...
  3. iGreek

    New Guy from Georgia

    Hey guys. Joined up a couple weeks ago. I live in the burbs about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. I bought a '81 CB750C about a month ago that I've been working on. Haven't had a chance to really ride, because of the crazy weather, but looking forward to it soon. Look forward to talking with...
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