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  1. IanOberholtzer

    Super Cheap DIY 1 1/2 cb 350 / 360 exhaust? It would appear that all I need to do here is make some flanges, cut and weld this thing to the right length and I'm set? Throw on some mufflers and all done? Thoughts? Really curious...
  2. IanOberholtzer

    CB 350 2-2 vs 2-1

    Any Ideas here? For a race build? I have conflicting ideas that I've summoned from reading / combing through others builds and articles. I'm thinking 2-1 has low end advantage, weight savings, and clearance benefits 2-2 Top end, belly pan is easier to fit, and looks better ( my opinion ) I...
  3. IanOberholtzer

    Cb450 Front Drum, 18" WM3, Cb350 18" WM3 Spoke Questions

    Hello everyone! Building a set of wheels for a track day 350, got the rims, got the hubs, have some spokes have some questions Stock spokes should work for the rear rim correct? maybe Ill need spoke washers? I could buy a chromed spoke kit for about 45$ on ebay for this one. For the front...
  4. IanOberholtzer

    NYC Mechanics / Garages, Need work done

    Looking to have my kick starter shaft replaced, dont have the space or the proper tools to do the job and I'm looking for some recommendations for mechanics / garages in the nyc area. Anyone?
  5. IanOberholtzer

    CB350F / 400f Race Eligibility and Availability of Parts

    So.. already dreaming about my next build was looking into the 350f / 400f and was curious about A. Can I race one competitively? B. Who makes race parts for them C. Does anyone have links to serious 350f or 400f racers? D. Do these make good bikes to build replica RC 1XX ? Thx- Ian
  6. IanOberholtzer

    Le cheval de fer

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> hope its not a repost either way, awesome!
  7. IanOberholtzer

    Points Float Solution? Double Spring The Points?

    So when reading the how to build a CB350 racer page and here about Tips From CB350 Racers there is mention of when using the stock ignition setup to double spring the points to keep float at high rpm at bay. Sounds like a good idea right? Cheap, simple, more revs out of the stock ignition...
  8. IanOberholtzer

    CJ360 First Bike, First Build, The First One Almost All Done!

    There she blows, the day i bought her about one year ago. Hello Everyone Been working on this project for about a year now on and off, lacking space at my home in savannah its been sitting dormant in orlando in my parents garage for some time and I've decided that these next 2 weeks are to be...
  9. IanOberholtzer

    CB360- 379 Conversion, Pistons, Jugs, Head, Lets make a deal

    Ok... so heres the deal id like to make, i have 4 gs850 pistons with rings & pins 2 cb360 jugs 2 heads but I only need one motor soo..... I want to get them all bored, a bit milled off the top to raise the compression .020 of an inch to be specific, and have a 3 angle job done on...
  10. IanOberholtzer

    Chain Oiler From Breather Cover?? Yes/No

    Can i route the breather cover hose to fitting that i could mount on the sprocket cover so that it would drip onto the chain, and would this be beneficial? thinking its a good two for one solution, my friend just did this and im curious as to the effect it would have on the life of the chain...
  11. IanOberholtzer

    CB360 /cj/cm/cl Cam + Rocker Arm Needed ASAP

    Hola could really use a cam and a rocker arm for the 360 motor that are in good shape, have one lousy rocker arm and cam lobe on my bike, looking to put back together asap Thanks! Ian-
  12. IanOberholtzer

    Drilling CB 360 oil passage? Where???

    so i have my motor apart, and i want to know where to drill and cant find the thread that recommended where any suggestions?
  13. IanOberholtzer

    Rear Sets And Brake Lights + Sensors... Hrmm

    so I have taken all of the brackets off of my frame, and one that i had at was.. the rear brake light sensor bracket, doing my mock up, trying to figure out my fit on the bike, noticed i need to account for this part, and make a replacement solution should i A. re weld on a similar to stock...
  14. IanOberholtzer

    Shop for CB360 Jets

    cant seem to find any sellers for the jets i need, everyone sells the primary jets but not the larger secondaries i need, anyone have a source? or the part number from Keihin for that matter?
  15. IanOberholtzer

    AGM battery sourcing

    hello, did some searching, yielded the knowledge that i want at least 5-6 amp hours, and near 90 cca out of my new battery, looking to go as small as possible with out getting into chaining batteries together to fit pod filters onto my cb360 trying to find something similar to this little guy...
  16. IanOberholtzer

    Cb360 ReJetting, Straight" pipes and Pod Filters

    hello again, a few more questions about my project looking to rejet my stock cb 360carbs and throw some pod filters on them to accompany my straight exhaust, now i have the 2-1 from a cj360t on the motor sans muffler ( welding on a angle cut tip and wrapping the pipes ) stock jets are 100 and...
  17. IanOberholtzer

    Replacement Spark Plug wires and caps : CB360

    hello everyone, first post here actually was wondering, i need to find some new spark plug wires for my cb360 project on the cheap, anything i should look for, how should i select the right ones? does anyone have a link to a specific product i should consider looking to go as cheap as quality...
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