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  1. krafty

    Am I a bad man?

    So here I sit at the foot of the Black Hills regretting not bringing a motorcycle. Having never been here before I didn't realize how much fun it could probably be. Am I a bad man for wishing I had folded the back seats in my minivan down and brought my motorcycle instead of my family? [emoji6]...
  2. krafty

    CCOA National Meet, Holland - June 6-10

    Just an FYI to anyone in West Michigan with a Cushman itch, the Cushman Club of America is holding their annual meet in Holland June 6-10, with the base of the meet being the Ottawa Co. fairgrounds. I anticipate having to...
  3. krafty

    Review - Signal Dynamics Head's Up voltage monitor

    As many of you are aware, the CB350 is one of those bikes that is notorious for having a weak stator. This causes the battery to discharge at idle or low RPM especially with the lights on (or your sound system, your ground-effect lighting, your GPS, etc. hey, who am I to judge?) Add to this...
  4. krafty

    Importing a classic bike from Canada to the US (my experience)

    Yesterday I came across the border with my freshly-purchased '66 Norton in tow. I figured I would describe the details of what I went through for you guys in case it might help anyone in the future. The specifics - 1966 Norton Atlas purchased from a resident of Windsor, ON for $3000.00 This...
  5. krafty

    Norton Atlas - shaken, not stirred

    I'm going to be picking up my '66 Norton Atlas in just about a month, so I'll go ahead and start the requisite thread on the subject. This is the bike with its current owner sitting atop it. The bike is still in that same garage several years later. He had sold it to his uncle, who is now in...
  6. krafty

    Just a couple of pics from AutoRama in Detroit this weekend

    A few motorcycles made it to the show floor. Mostly baggers and custom HDs, but there were a few gems hidden in there.
  7. krafty

    FS: '81 CB750 engine

    This is an '81 CB750 engine out of a project bike that belongs to a co-worker. The bike was in pieces when he bought it and the reason it was disassembled was because the cam chain snapped. He disassembled the engine, got all the necessary parts to fix the problem and repaired it, but the engine...
  8. krafty

    Some pictures from the Checkered Past Christmas party yesterday

    Sent from my phone thingy using witchcraft and perhaps Tapatalk
  9. krafty

    Getting a bike from Canada to the US

    I've seen a few topics where people have moved bikes from the US to Canada, but has anyone had any experiences bringing a bike from Canada to the US? I'd likely want to transport it myself rather than deal with some sort of importer if I can. As I've mentioned in a different thread, there's a...
  10. krafty

    Norton Atlas experiences

    I've been given the opportunity to take a very nice, original (minus the rear fender, but I have access to one) '66 Norton Atlas as a partial trade for some pretty extensive restoration work I'm doing on a guy's car. I've got pictures and he's an honest guy, so I don't have any qualms about...
  11. krafty

    CL 100 value?

    I'm going to an auction next weekend to look at some old Ford parts. There are a couple of old mopeds, a pretty cool Triumph bathtub bike (sadly not complete) and this CL100 is one of the items. It looks decent, but the staining on the gas tank is going to make me look VERY hard at the inside of...
  12. krafty

    WTB CB350K right hand control unit or headlight switch

    I need a couple of parts for the headlight switch, so I'm looking for a right - hand control (headlight/kill/starter) assembly for a CB350K. Otherwise, basically I need just the switch lever portion. The little nub that moves the switch slider back and forth on mine has broken off. PM me if...
  13. krafty

    I dun gradgitated

    Seriously though, I took an MSF basic rider course over the weekend and I think it was money well spent. Over 2 days we spent 8+ hours on bikes (I was using a nice Yamaha TW200) and I learned a lot. Maybe they're not for everyone but in my case I feel much safer and more confident than I did a...
  14. krafty

    Small headlight fairing for CB350 twin, need experiences/opinions

    I'm looking to add a very small fairing to my CB350 twin, primarily because I think I'd like how it looks. I do like the fuller fairings I've seen on many bikes, but I just want something small and basic right now. I do not care for the squarishness of the EMGO "viper" fairing, which seems to...
  15. krafty

    FS: New Lucas-style LED tail light assembly in brushed aluminum This is the hooded Lucas-style LED tail light/license bracket assembly sold by DCC among others. I bought this but decided to go in a...
  16. krafty

    Turn signals pulsing at low RPM

    OK, so I just got a new LED flasher relay in the bike to get the LED turn signals flashing, but at low RPM not only do they flash, they pulse rapidly. I have a feeling it has something to do with the reg/rec (Sparck Moto) but I'm not entirely sure. I don't *think* I'm seeing any pulsing in the...
  17. krafty

    The definition of "trust"

    This is a picture of a great friend, a fellow by the name of Nick Hardie, who is a phenomenal hot rod builder, painter, and a master of aging and patina. (If you have a chance, check out issue #34 of Rodder's Journal for some of his work). He's taking my freshly-painted gas tank and seat away to...
  18. krafty

    Mystery wires. Honda CB 350 twin

    I need some help identifying 2 mystery wires in the headlight bucket of my 71 CB 350 twin. I have a solid brown wire which should be for the tail light but I don't know why it is routed into the headlight bucket and I have a dark blue wire with a white tracer. The factory wiring diagram does not...
  19. krafty

    Arai helmet fit

    So Thursday I made the mistake of trying on an Arai RX-Q just for giggles as I was browsing the local BMW motorcycle dealer. The damn thing fit me even better than the Shoei RF-1200 I was just about to buy. Damn damn damn. Seriously though, as much as I liked the Shoei, the Arai was even more...
  20. krafty

    Buying - CB350 twin steering shaft / lower triple

    I'm in need of a steering shaft/lower triple for my '71 CB350 twin. Mine was too rusted to use and the one I thought would work turns out to be from (likely) a 350F and is too wide by about 10mm. Oops. On a related note, anyone in need of a 350F steering shaft/lower triple, let me know. :'(
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