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  1. grandpaul

    Doing the ton, legally!

    Just got back from visiting our son in Germany, and driving down to Switzerland to ski. All that, to say this: He has a mildly updated Audi S5, and he let me drive (yes, I got my International Driver's Permit). We cruised the Autobahn at 130+ like it was a Sunday drive. Sucker would get up to...
  2. grandpaul

    My collection

    Such as it is...
  3. grandpaul

    Norton Combat Commando refresh

    I posted on my '72 Norton Combat Commando cafe racer some time ago; well, last year I sold it. The buyer commissioned me to replace the chrome wheels with shouldered alloy, and replace all the fiberglass bodywork with aluminum alloy; similar pattern, and add a tank-top parcel grid. "Before"...
  4. grandpaul

    100/100/100/100 Ride in the spring

    I'm once again hoping and planning to make a 100/100/100/100 ride this spring: Over 100 years combined age of bike & rider 61 (my age) + 44 (1975 Norton's age) = 105 100th day of the year - 4/10/19 100 miles minimum ride distance "The Ton" (100 MPH, at some point in the ride) I'm HOPING...
  5. grandpaul

    Norton Combat Commando "Do-Over"

    Back story: I picked this bike up from a friend some years ago, in all I bought a Triumph, BSA and 2 Norton big twins from him. This '72 Combat came to me in the form of a not-quite rolling (no axles, just long bolts) chassis, with a fresh Leo Goff built engine (Memphis Motor Werks). Apart from...
  6. grandpaul

    Obtaining a LEGAL registration for an untitled bike

    There has been a lot of discussion on this topic, and nobody has spelled it out, so I thought I might do so. I have registered at least 8 bikes through Vermont, COMPLETELY LEGALLY. You must have a valid Bill Of Sale to start with, and it MUST include: Date of sale, Seller's name and address...
  7. grandpaul

    Norton Commando Cafe racer bodywork set

    Norton Commando Cafe racer bodywork set All Black, on eBay now... Dunstall L/R fiberglass tank w/ cap & petcocks Dustall dualseat (upholstered) w/ bracket Clubman Racing SS bikini quarter fairing w/ clear windscreen Set of early 70s style sidecovers...
  8. grandpaul

    John Player Norton replica kit complete F/S

    I've rounded up some more goodies to better complete my John Player Norton replica kit. Kit now includes: NEW Airtech JPN street fairing NEW Airtech JPN seat, with mount clips NEW Airtech seat pan, upholstered, with snaps NEW replica head/top mount with hardware NEW replica lower mount with...
  9. grandpaul

    NO WAY this bike will do the ton...

    I believe top speed is like 10MPH, but interesting, would make a great pit bike. My late friend Nacho's Rokon for sale... ebay link Please help the family, if you can.
  10. grandpaul

    1983 Triumph Bonneville TSS 8-valve e-start

    Just listed it on e-bay, I'm downsizing and this one needs to go.
  11. grandpaul

    1998 Honda VTR1000FW SuperHawk 996

    Bought this from a friend to get him out of a jam, need to get my cost back out. I'm making nothing, it's going for the price of the exhaust system...
  12. grandpaul

    1968 Triumph Bonneville restoration project For Sale

    I've put one of my two Bonnie resto projects on e-bay. Taking a realistic look at the garage and my bank account resulted in the decision. Frame & cycle parts are powdercoated black, new fork parts, complete wheels with brakes, meters, carbs, all the core engine parts, bodywork, nice seat, lots...
  13. grandpaul

    IF YOU WANT TO DO THE TON, this is an easy and affordable way...

    1998 Honda VTR1000FW Super Hawk 996 V-win with Yoshimura exhaust, new battery, and tires, brakes, chain & oil at 90% life. Clean Texas title. Has frame sliders, paddock stand spools, tank bra, and steering damper added; also thermometer and clock on top yoke. Photo shows the only damage on the...
  14. grandpaul

    Entire Motorcycle Collection FOR SALE

    I'll never have time to finish the projects, I never get to bike shows and rallies any more, hardly get to ride at all, and still have two elementary school-age kids I need to feed, clothe, and support. Selling on "Best Reasonable Offer" basis. Whatever 3 or 4 are left at the end, I'll keep and...
  15. grandpaul

    '64 Triumph Thunderbird street tracker

    On ebay I've got to sell several bikes to get debt-free again, this one just doesn't get the love it deserves. I also have a standard rear frame with some minor mods that can be swapped out in the event of a resto, Storz bodywork, Arkront rims, '70s front end, reinforced swingarm, new Dunlop...
  16. grandpaul

    '74 John Player Norton on ebay

    The bidding has started.
  17. grandpaul

    Do The Ton on a TRITON!

    Looks like my friend Mark's Triton will sell CHEAP!!! ebay link to triton Bidding now at $4,050 with no reserve...
  18. grandpaul

    Do The Ton on a TRITON!

    Looks like my friend Mark's Triton will sell CHEAP!!! ebay link to triton
  19. grandpaul

    "Most Improved 2016" Classic/Vintage Triumph poll

    "Most Improved 2016" Classic/Vintage Triumph poll On TriumphRat.Net now, for 2 weeks- Please read and vote!
  20. grandpaul

    BritBike Trifecta!

    FINALLY get to post a photo of my BritBike trifecta- 1970 Triumph T120R Bonneville 650, restored 1969 BSA A65 Lightning, restored (partial bitsa) 1975 Norton 850 Commando Interstate MkIII (original) Best part is, they're all running and ready to ride. BSA just needs the title transferred and...
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