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  1. turbodog

    The Turbodog Sidecar Rig

    Hmm, thought I had a thread on here already, but not finding it, so starting at the beginning: I had 3 steetable bikes in the shed (restomod chain-drive, spare parts shaft-drive bike, and a BMW R1100S I've been riding daily) - and enough spare parts to build a 3rd XV. As I'm pondering selling...
  2. turbodog

    XV920 EFI Turbo.... Done (mostly)

    My prior posts on this bike are probably misplaced in the Cafe section, so will continue here. My turbo plans depend completely on the success of my 'upside down' rear suspension: So, I figure I should prove that out before going too much further. When the temps here hit 105 and the...
  3. turbodog

    Turbodog's Yamaha XV project(s)

    OK, so having posted in other folks' threads, I guess it's time to post up my project. The main project is a Yamaha XV920R (chain drive). I'm not sure it belongs in a cafe racer thread yet, because the bodywork is still TBD. It sat ignored for a year, so I was happy to make some progress...
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