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  1. danielzink

    Vintage Brooks jackets fitment

    I've heard rumor that the older Brooks Cafe style (and vintage leather jackets as a whole) have a "slimmer" fit per size than current era jackets. ie: if I'm currently wearing a 44 River Road with a decent liner...should I be looking for a older 46 Brooks ? Opinions/Thoughts ? Thanks, Dan
  2. danielzink

    Greetings from Michigan R60/5 CB100 content

    Hey All, Greetings from Michigan. Cut my teeth way back when on my dads 76 CB750 four.... Graduated through dirt bikes etc...up to a Katana....then a TL1000R..... Former motorcycle shop manager. Family came along and the wife read me the riot act. So... I got out of the scene and bikes a...
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