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  1. Blacktopbandit

    '82 cafe XV750

    This thread has made me re-envision the Virago i have sitting in the garage. If you still have those kits available i would be interested.
  2. Blacktopbandit

    Big Fat Tires???

    Our Baby. 16" rims laced to stock hubs and dressed with 16" Shinko tyres.
  3. Blacktopbandit

    Bike parts in Canada?

    Or Bullit Custom Cycles, ad also on the left.
  4. Blacktopbandit

    71 Triumph Tiger Bob/chop

    Bought the DVD's from Wes White over at Four Ace's Cycles and made and engine stand for the motor. Started tearing into the motor and am currently waiting on oil seals and other bits and pieces to get it back together. Sent my tank, oil bag, fender and light off to paint in feb and got them...
  5. Blacktopbandit

    71 Triumph Tiger Bob/chop

    I started by breaking the bike down and sourcing a earlier front loop and bolt on hard tail. I've heard that the OIF frames aren't the greatest to weld onto due to their thinner walls and wasnt going to take the chance.
  6. Blacktopbandit

    71 Triumph Tiger Bob/chop

    Well i grabbed this bike last year and rode it as is for the season to get used to the backwards shifter/brake set up. Over the winter i started tearing into it when time permitted. I have a few options and am undecided which route to take. I really love both the bobber and vintage chopper...
  7. Blacktopbandit


    Haven't had it out for the maiden voyage yet. Just need to finish wiring it. We had it at a show this weekend and that was the question everyone was asking. That and why did you put car tires on a bike??? They are 16" Shinko classic 240's. And as all on here would know, motorcycle tires...
  8. Blacktopbandit


    1977 Cb 550K Hope you like.
  9. Blacktopbandit

    Two-Stroke Collective - 'The Smoking Lounge'

    Hey lads, I'm looking at picking up a T500 for cheap in good running condition (says the seller) but have never wrenched on a 2-stroke. Is there specific things to look out for and are the parts for these things easy enough to find for reasonable prices. Any links will be appreciated. I'll...
  10. Blacktopbandit

    Shinko Classic 240's Double white walls

    I tried both those options with no luck. I did however find these guys. Ordered them on the 12th and they arrived today. Happy days. All for about $50-70 less then anyone else i tried.
  11. Blacktopbandit

    1975 Suzuki T500 IT IS ALIVE! First start video 5/7/11

    Re: 1975 Suzuki T500 Call it whatever you want! I've been following this build with the giddiness of a kid with a new toy. I was looking for a new project and after seeing the way your T500 is turning out i think I've found my new direction. Cant wait too see this one finished.
  12. Blacktopbandit

    1972 CB450 cafe BCR original***pics of finished bike***

    Tim, my fellow Canadian I looked all over for those tires and had them ordered and then later told they wont ship to Canada. I got my Shinko Classic 240's from they gave good prices and ship to Canada for heaps less then any where else i was quoted. Still...
  13. Blacktopbandit

    W.E.B Pub nite

    I may be interested in a tipple or 2.... close enough to have the missus pick me up.
  14. Blacktopbandit

    Shinko Classic 240's Double white walls

    I need help. i am trying to find Shinko Tires in canada and am having a very hard time. I'm looking for 16" double white walls. they are abundant south of the boarder but hard to have shipped up here. If anyone has a supplier in the GTA that carries these tires please advise. Thanks in advance.
  15. Blacktopbandit

    W.E.B Tuesday night rides

    Hey fella's, If the weathers nice next Tuesday where do you usually meet up before you head out for your ride. Wouldn't mine a last blast before the weather is to bitter for these bones.
  16. Blacktopbandit

    TAS Classic MotorSports-WTF

    Well im in the same boat as that cat. June 24 was my order confirmation and STILL no items.
  17. Blacktopbandit

    TAS Classic MotorSports-WTF

    Has anyone else bought from these guys????? I purchased some parts some months back and have yet to receive them. I received the confirmation email saying the money was sent but that is all. I understand one of the parts was on back order so i have taken that into account but really WTF. I...
  18. Blacktopbandit


    Just used these guys (Stainless cycle) for a bolt kit. I was having trouble ordering and the guy emailed back and forth until i was able to get them ordered. 110% on their customer service.
  19. Blacktopbandit

    Newb in GTA

    Some very nice scoots indeed. Where abouts in the GTA are you located?
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