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  1. cardinal

    Anyone else watching Paul Brodie build his Aermacchi race bike?

    Paul has been putting this bike together over the last year-ish and the YouTube series is full of incredible fabrication. In the event that you haven't seen it: Paul's YouTube videos
  2. cardinal

    Can anyone help me get a pair of CB 450 carb main jets?

    I am in need of a pair of main jets. I seem to have completely lost the ones purchased and after tearing the garage apart, I have no idea what happened to them. I'd rather not have to drop another $50 on rebuild kits. Happy to pay a reasonable price for a pair, I don't care if they are used and...
  3. cardinal

    How would you caption this advert?

    You find the coolest stuff on FB Marketplace. 85 Honda goldwing?
  4. cardinal

    Anyone know how to imbed an instagram post?

    I try to embed a link from Instagram and I can't get it to work. Anyone care to share a success story? Will this allow posting video as well as photo content?
  5. cardinal

    cheap Chinese gas tanks

    Anyone have experience with these Max-inc tanks? It looks like they are a Chinese manufactured tank at a reasonable price. I see them on ebay for around $100, just wondering if they are worth it because even rough vintage tanks are getting to be a bit pricy.
  6. cardinal

    Dyna S on CB 450 I'm stuck

    Anyone put a Dyna Ignition on a CB450? I am trying to figure out how to do this, but am finding zero videos or walkthroughs on it. The main problem (for now) is that the plate won't even fit in the spot that it needs to. It hits the bolt on the right. I could notch the plate, but I have no idea...
  7. cardinal

    Honda CB450 parts

    Looking for a decent set of headlight ears, as long as they aren't dented, I'm interested. Also really want a gas tank if it won't break the bank. I also realized that my left side foot peg is pretty bent, so if you've got those along with a side stand that would be really helpful. Maybe a rear...
  8. cardinal

    How difficult is it to reuse pin connectors?

    I am replacing all of the wire in my harness and installing a motogadget m-unit. I’d like to keep the ability to disconnect components and ideally would just use the factory pin connectors. Any guidance on doing this?
  9. cardinal

    Is Dynatek DS1-3 right for CB450?

    Hey there, I am a level one newbie to electronics. I am rebuilding my 74 cb450 and wanted to get rid of the points. I had my motor built by a guy that sold me this Dynatek DS1-3 thing and on the install sheet it says it's for Honda GL1000's. I looked on their site, but there is no listed support...
  10. cardinal

    I need one spoke. Can you help a brother out?

    Hey there. So I have been slowly (ok, really slowly) working on my CB 450 and in between have move into a new house. I had my wheels apart and now I can't find one spoke. It's a front disc brake wheel and the spoke is the short bend, inner spoke that I'm after. I'm getting 8 3/16" overall...
  11. cardinal

    Anyone try cheap alloy rims?

    I'm thinking about changing my stock hoops on my CB450 (project) and was having a tough time swallowing the $500+ for rims from Buchanan, though I'm sure they are great. I found these on ebay for a lot less and am tempted to give them a shot. Wondering if anyone here has had experience with...
  12. cardinal

    Harvest Classic (who won that raffle Triumph?)

    I got to spend the day in Luckenbach looking at crazy bikes and tried to stay around for the raffle (I bought a couple of tickets). Unfortunately I couldn't stay to see who the lucky guy ended up being. Anyone here know who it was (lucky bastard)?
  13. cardinal


    Hey there, I hope it's alright to post this. I'm currently working on overhauling a CB 450 and have a thread over at and decided to make an illustration of the bike for a t-shirt. The shirts are available for the next two weeks at...
  14. cardinal

    CB 450 twin. I said I needed a project

    I've been without a bike since selling my old CB160 about two years ago. It was a fun little town bike, but I've been looking for something bigger. Having since moved to Texas and now that I have a bit more room, I'm ready to take on a project. My wife thinks I'm crazy because I'm more into the...
  15. cardinal

    Multimeter Recommendation

    Hey there, I need to take care of a charging issue with my CB160 so I need to buy a multimeter. I like good tools, and don't want to spend money on something that I won't like. Any of you people have something you really like? Something that you would stay away from? Thanks
  16. cardinal

    Chinese BMW copy

    Have you seen this Chinese bike? I'd never heard of the Chang Jiang before. That rear suspension is pretty cool. I'm not sure what is happening with that head angle though...
  17. cardinal

    What's the farthest you've ever pushed a bike?

    Yesterday my little Honda was acting "funny." It stalled on me on my way to a meeting. Started back up after a couple kicks, but I was thinking that I really need to get it looked at soon. So after the meeting I leave for home and after about 5 blocks it cuts out again. Kind of feels like it's...
  18. cardinal

    NHTSA sticker on an old bike

    I did a search and didn't find any info on this, let me know if it's been discussed already. I bought a '67 honda here in Georgia, and it does not have a NHTSA sticker on the frame. According to the DMV, I can't get it registered and tagged without the sticker. They weren't very helpful...
  19. cardinal

    67 CB160 3-D printed sidecovers

    I just picked up a sweet little ride today. A 45 year old bike with less than 5k on the ODO. It's in great shape: As you can see, the side covers are missing. The PO installed those canvas bags, not a bad coverup, but I think I am going to want sidecovers. After a little searching online, it...
  20. cardinal

    Hello from Savannah CB160 rider

    Hey there, I picked up a nice 1967 cb160 today and was searching around the web and came across this place. The bike is really clean with less than 5000 miles on the ODO. I put about 40 miles on it today and it's a lot of fun for being a pip squeak. I'll be posting more here as I get more...
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