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  1. Flugtechnik

    Cam Follower Redesign - DOHC CB450 / CB500T

    So I have been tossing this idea around in my head for awhile and since I have started rebuilding my engine again, I've decided to actually do something about it. So I am looking for some input from my fellow riders who likely know much more about engines than I do. Like many overhead cam...
  2. Flugtechnik

    Nixon, 1972 Honda CL450 Scrambler Refurb

    Most of you who have been on here awhile have seen this before. She's been around the block. It's time for another rebuild, the final rebuild. When I bought her, she looked like this. Then I did the cafe thing. Custom aluminum tank and seat. She looked like this until I rode her off the...
  3. Flugtechnik

    Holy Shit, I'm Never Going To Go To Work Again

    Stay safe out there fellas!
  4. Flugtechnik

    Barber 2015

    PSA: Barber tickets go on sale tomorrow. That is all. end of line
  5. Flugtechnik

    Good Deal on a 2000 GS500E - $900 Savannah, GA

    A friend of mine in Savannah, GA is moving across the country and wants to sell his 2000 Suzuki GS500E before he goes. Clean title in hand. 13,793 miles Less than 500 miles on the tires. Runs and rides but bogs a little on takeoff so could probably use a carb cleaning. Send me a message...
  6. Flugtechnik

    It's Always Your Fault

    I just finished this article Wes wrote on RideApart and thought it needed sharing. The most insightful point to me was #5: So true. Stay safe my friends.
  7. Flugtechnik

    Kickstand App

    Tim, instead of passing out those pucks at Barber again, maybe we could get a DTT branded version of this app. Brilliant! I always forget my puck, but I never forget my iphone.
  8. Flugtechnik

    Mag article about my local MC "Gang" The Old Crap Riders These guys pretty much embody the spirit of DTT. The photo gallery has some great pics of their bikes.
  9. Flugtechnik

    Support Request for a Friend

    A long time friend of mine is trying to raise money on for a touring van for his band. What's in it for you? If you pledge as little as $1, you will get both of their albums. Their first...
  10. Flugtechnik

    Another Cool New Bike I Can't Afford

    Looks like BMW is going to be announcing a really nice looking new bike soon!
  11. Flugtechnik

    Helmet painting

    This isn't actually moto related but I thought someone here might know and it could apply to moto helmets. I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive way to paint a helmet metal flake glossy black. I'm looking for about $5-10 per helmet not counting labor. It is actually for athletic helmets so...
  12. Flugtechnik

    "Cafe Racer" = Design Philosophy?

    I guess the term "cafe racer" is now moving from fad style to design philosophy. I wonder if they will put clubmans on it. :) I think there are a lot of other terms they could have used to...
  13. Flugtechnik

    CB450 Rear Brake Pedal Spring Attachment?

    CB450 guys, what does the stock rear brake pedal return spring attach to? I'm trying to figure out if I can use a CB pedal on my CL since they are a bit different. Thanks.
  14. Flugtechnik

    CB450 / CL450 Center Stand and Brake pedal

    I'm looking for some parts to finish up Nixon. I need a center stand from a CB450 or a CL450. It looks like one from any of the K models will work. I am also looking for a CL450 brake pedal and center stand pivot, any year.
  15. Flugtechnik

    Landlord Games - What would you do?

    Short story.... I'm renting a house. The house was foreclosed on and recently sold at auction back to the bank. The bank assigned a property manager to handle the property. Yesterday I get a text from the former owner asking if he can get some of the stuff he left in the house when he comes...
  16. Flugtechnik

    Typical Rider

    Hahahaha, sounds about right. Seriously though, glad it looks like he is going to pull through. This is actually one of my fears. Wrecking and nobody seeing it and being unable to get help.
  17. Flugtechnik

    Mr. E. - vel Knievel

    So I had the pleasure of attending a cookout at Mr. E.'s house this weekend. A good time was had by all. The shine was brought out and then things got exciting. After setting about a cord of wood ablaze, Mr. E. decided to have a little fun. Apparently, shine turns Mr. E. into Mr. E. - vel...
  18. Flugtechnik

    The Dirty Martini

    Whoever invented the dirty martini was a real man of genius. I salute you. It tastes like olives and makes you feel wonderful. It just makes life better. Do you agree? I think I'll have another.
  19. Flugtechnik

    Cafe Rags

    When I was at the Meltdown Vintage Bike Show in Hendersonville, NC a couple weeks ago (Thanks Speedfiend!) I talked to one of the vendors there a little bit. He was selling some pretty cool shirts. One of his designs I had seen before and I am working on incorporating into a tattoo design. He...
  20. Flugtechnik

    DTT Barber Build 2012

    I am very conflicted about starting this thread. I really love the idea that I am going to lay out here, but I am uncomfortable being the beneficiary of the project. There are people on here that actually NEED our help or deserve it more than me. All I did was act like an idiot and ride...
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