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  1. MILKY

    VINTAGE ADDICTION BARCELONA - HELLVAN VIDEO my project DR600 appears in this edit.. oh plus a finished project (are they ever "finished"?) from VINTAGE ADDICTION.
  2. MILKY

    41mm interior diameter bayonet fuel cap!?

    for a 1977 ts185 fuel tank... just cant seem to fid a replacement. ... there is a oem avaioable its ugly and expensive! interior 41mm exterior 61mm bayonet. anyone got any ideas?
  3. MILKY


    ok here's the thing. a 650 euro dr600 from 1987... bought as a half completed project from Dova Motorcycles in Seville. what its got its had the tank stripped, a nice (but old) yoshimura exhaust albeit with some nasty wrap kickstart and kill switch modded front fender the block has been...
  4. MILKY

    sr250 straight swaps engine

    hello chaps... simple really.. does anyone know what engines would be a staright swap into a 1981 sr250... i heard rumours: BW350 TT250 XT250 i quite the novice with engines and would like to just swap it out... tall order? milky
  5. MILKY


    Just to let you all know... we have been organizing this for 23.3.13... the first show is in Barcelona, spain with a smaller satellite show in London 11.5.13... youre all invited.. spread the word...
  6. MILKY

    race across india for free!!!

    yeah yeah its a three wheeled 7hp beast... we raced last year... it was blast!
  7. MILKY

    sr250 shock lenth max?

    more questions... im told the sr250 has a shock clearance of up to 400mm.. sooooooo i want to pout some longer shocks on the bike... i was also told that XT500 shocks will fit so i'm looking at these...
  8. MILKY

    kings of the road
  9. MILKY

    great little documentary

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. MILKY

    1981 SR250 CAFE BUILD

    at last after lurking and researching for months..i-m finally on the case i bought this sr250 for the wife, way back in january, then we moved house, changed jobs and the whole project got put back until now. The bike stood in abaot yard in barcelona for over a year and was running up until...
  11. MILKY

    is this a good deal? cb500 in in spain.. talking roughly 2500 dollars
  12. MILKY

    simple to follow video.. seat pans etc
  13. MILKY

    HUGE LIST OF download for free

    many many manuals, shop manuals, repair manuals, tech drawings... yamaha, honda, etc etc etc some in italian but many in english...
  14. MILKY

    vanvan suzuki

    anyone got more on a brat style vanvan? i kinda like the scrambler brat style.. the only example i can find using this bike is from "abeard" in japan.. i'm really tempted to get a vanvan just to see what could be done... thoughts, opinions, ideas? do i need to be saved from a folly?!! ;)
  15. MILKY


    just called these guys.. very helpful (and while i dont want to be accussed of advertising) I can heartily reccomend their service.. they all speak english too just ordered exhaust assembly and new bolts etc etc for mr SR... shipping was 18 euros! perfect.
  16. MILKY


    JUST SHARING! I got an sr250.. a barn find ... gonna need some help!
  17. MILKY

    NOOB - first bike first project sr250

    my first bike! ever.. mid life crises at 40.. i bought this sr250 FOR A 100 bucks! gonna go full cafe racer... will post pics as they arrive.. love: DEUS, WEBIKE, NITRO SEATS.... live in spain, but found a good supplier in holland.. gonna be more of an assembly than a custom build.. but i...
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