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  1. loganrm

    Rust Revival Spring Thaw 2015 - Official Thread

    Rust Revival Spring Thaw May 15-18 Happy new year to everyone, hope it's treating you well so far. This is the beginning of the official Spring Thaw thread for 2015 and not a moment too soon since you guys have been messaging me about it since October! To begin, Amanda and I started this as a...
  2. loganrm

    2015 Bike of the Month Calendar

    The 2015 BOTM calendar is ready for pre order. I'm gonna leave it up through the end of the year but after that I'm going to cut it off. Shipping out in the first of January.
  3. loganrm

    Rust Revival Spring Thaw 2014- Official Thread

    The Spring Thaw is here! We are 48 hours away from go time in the Gorge and we couldn't be more excited, or busy. A couple of things: 1. If anyone of you need me, please call/text for anything I can help you guys with. As those returning from last year know, cell phone service is non existent...
  4. loganrm

    2014 Bike of the Month Calendar!

    I know it's a little late in the year but the 2014 DTT BOTM Calendar is finally ready for production! We've spent a lot of time collecting photos, laying this thing out and getting the production lined up. I'm going to place the initial order and hope (fingers crossed) there is enough of these...
  5. loganrm

    2014 Spring Thaw - PRE GAME THREAD

    Time to let go of last years thread and get a fresh one started. I know it seems early but we are laying plans for the 2014 Spring Thaw. The location for the event will again be in the Red River Gorge, KY on May 16th, 17th, and 18th. We will be renting the same cabin area as last time, only we...
  6. loganrm

    Classic Triumph Shirt Reprint

    Thought I would post this up for anyone interested. I am doing a reprint of a classic Triumph shirt and the presale ends today. I'm just gonna do this one time run after several of you guys saw RichArd's shirt and asked me to do it. Here it is!
  7. loganrm

    3RM: Rust Revival / Retro Moto Collaboration Build

    Some of you guys remember the cb360 by the name of Uncle Deadly I built a year ago. Time passes, you make friends, and then those friends are kind enough to continually give you shit about your bike build. Enter Junior Burrell. Great friend and shit giver extraordinaire. It was all in good fun...
  8. loganrm

    Fancy Corn Boards

    Got board a while back and made some corn hole boards to combat the terribly built/painted ones showing up around the neighborhood.
  9. loganrm

    CB175 - code name: The Swift

    I've been working on the 360 for well voer a year now and that will continue as soon as I figure out what to do with him. On top of that the lady of the house decided to get into riding after hitting barber with me this year (Hells Yes!) so we are now in a scramble to get her a bike up and going...
  10. loganrm

    Do The Ton Spring Thaw

    Gonna throw this out there to see if there is any interest. Everyone had such an amazing time at Barber it seems a shame that we don't get together more often. I was looking through all the threads yesterday and noticed that Red River Gorge was an option several times for GTG's but it never...
  11. loganrm

    American Made - Whats it mean to ya?

    A lot of you guys know I started the Rust Revival project a few months ago. It's been going really well and I've been more than pleased with the support from you guys. One thing that has been bugging me is the idea of "American Made". I always try to buy American Made when available. I support...
  12. loganrm

    Kiley& Gretta --- A Love Affair Trailer

    For the few of you who asked, here ya go. <a href="">Gretta Sucks</a>
  13. loganrm

    Kiley's Garage

    True inspiration comes from experience and a opossum in a sweater (you had to be there). In a meager attempt to show appreciation and thanks to Kiley and his wife for putting us all up, Rust Revival will be producing one of these three shirts with the help of your vote. All profit, yes every...
  14. loganrm

    Rust Revival - Cafe Racer Clothing & Book Project

    As a few of you know I started a thread some time back regarding the idea of a book filled with member submitted stories/photos of the cafe racer culture. No builds were to be included in the book, just simply personal stories pertaining to the cafe culture from the DTT members. With lots of...
  15. loganrm

    Dime City's New Rear Sets?

    Is anyone using the new Dime City Rear Sets yet? I've been looking for an easy option for my 360 and these look pretty sweet.
  16. loganrm

    Do The Ton Poster

    Hey guys. I've been working on my cb360 cafe project for about 6 months now and if any of you have read my build you know I've been waiting on a motor for some time now. I work as a printer and do design for print & packaging with my own company. This is a poste I came up with the other day. I...
  17. loganrm

    NEED - CB360 Top End

    Hey guys. Looking for a CB360 Top end. Cover, Rockers, cam, the whole deal. If you guys have anything or even and entire motor for sale please PM me.
  18. loganrm

    Bitch...Piss...Moan...I want my bike back.

    My bike is pretty much 95% complete with a few cosmetic exceptions. She runs/rolls and all of the regular tricks but since this was my first build EVER I wanted to have a mechanic look over my project to make sure that A. I didn't do something dumb that would get me hurt and B. I didn't do...
  19. loganrm

    DTT Coffee Table Book???

    I've been reading a lot of stories from builders and riders, new and old. There are so many great threads like Beachcombers tales of the day or the police stories thread. I was just reading a story on Saturday about a guys morning ride that was incredibly written and really nailed what "the ton"...
  20. loganrm

    cb360 Throttle Pull/Push length and a big middle finger....

    Ordered new cables to rid myself of the "electrical taped death strings" that were the original cables. Slapped em in last night and the pull cable is loose by a good inch or more. So loose that it doesn't even care to begin to lay in the track. My first thought is that they are too long so I...
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