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  1. rockcitycafe

    Handbuilt show

    anyone on here going to the handbuilt show this weekend? would be cool to say hi if anyone is going to be there
  2. rockcitycafe

    made some tanks this week

    they're shiny
  3. rockcitycafe

    other things you can do with a bridgeport

    Make cams!
  4. rockcitycafe

    doing stuff some people say you can't do

    just designed and built a new boring bar for my bridgeport, the old one was just a 5/8 bar in a narex boring head, was easy to adjust but not all that rigid and boring a cylinder without chatter required 80 rpm and very small cuts. I did a few blocks this way but wanted to make something...
  5. rockcitycafe

    frame up xs650

    just thought I'd share some stuff going on in the shop, I decided the stock xs frame was too heavy and too flimsy for any fun, so I started from scratch, the wheels and front end are from a zx600, geometry will basically copy that of a cbr600, frame weight is about 30lbs less than stock and it's...
  6. rockcitycafe

    got featured!

    Dutch at picked up my 350! He's got a cool blog too, nice to see bikes that aren't all photoshop and glam
  7. rockcitycafe

    What do you think?

    Getting tired of the ol' cut&paste cafe racer, bobber, tracker, brat or what have you... going in a new direction, not sure what it is or where it's going but this is example #1
  8. rockcitycafe

    New cb350

    Not sure what kind of bike it is yet, but its the one I was trying to finish for barber, better late than never.. Just need to paint the frame and maybe build the engine, not sure I want to open it up though, good compression, no weird noises, runs well and doesn't leak
  9. rockcitycafe

    Gas Welding 101 I've been gas welding cafe racer parts for a few years now, and although I use tig mostly, gas welding is a great way to get started in metal fabrication. In fact, if I weren't making parts for a living, I'd probably go with gas because its more...
  10. rockcitycafe

    How to - Tank building a tank condensed into about 40 minutes... wish they only took that long ;)
  11. rockcitycafe

    How-to guides: metalworking

    going off suggestions, here's doing an alloy tank
  12. rockcitycafe

    sendoff to a real cool dude

    just found out today one of my really good customers died a few weeks ago, he was a real cool dude, really into bikes, put a bunch of them together with his two sons, loved to ride with them. the last project we were working on together was a gs550, the full alloy fairing bike, I think I'll...
  13. rockcitycafe

    how to - upholstery part 1 part 2 having fun with the how-to's, giving me a chance to go through the trove of photos on my computer and put some good...
  14. rockcitycafe

    how to - cafe seat

    here it is.
  15. rockcitycafe

    great website

    this site is great you can pick any bike they list and get rider position info, and you can play around with handlebar position and peg position too, so if you want your cb750 to have a similar riding position to say a ducati 900, you can mess with it and know how many...
  16. rockcitycafe

    915 superbike on the cheap

    figured I'd start a build thread since I've been putting a lot of bike pics on the engine build thread, I scrounged the parts for the engine over a couple years, had the idea after looking at some kz440 pistons for a cb350, seemed like making a 915 would be cool too. Bought a cb750 from a guy...
  17. rockcitycafe

    casting aluminum

    not even sure where to post this... I just finished my 20lb aluminum foundry, a project that between not having the time or materials to finish, took almost 2 years... I plan on starting with things like headlight ears, clipons, top trees, not sure what else to do, it was almost a solution in...
  18. rockcitycafe

    hy-vo primary chain?

    Anyone know what's involved in swapping the cb750A crank into a cb750F bottom end? I researched the crank and it appears to be the same except the hyvo primary drive, but what needs to be done to the transmission to make this work? I could get heavy duty primary chains and tensioner from...
  19. rockcitycafe

    cb915 (you poor stupid crazy son of a bitch engine build)

    oh yeah, gonna do it now! finally got my bridgeport boring setup working and bored a few practice holes .020 over with honing, not as exciting as it sounds, but now I KNOW I can take the kz440 pistons and rings I have, resleeve my cb750 block with cb360 sleeves, and bore them the .020 over...
  20. rockcitycafe

    tank project

    some pics from the latest tank project
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