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  1. Hobes

    front master cylinders

    ok, to keep with the local laws here, and besides my likings of twin frnt discs, I am looking for some ol skool master cylinders for the bars. I see shyte loads on evilbay, from china, hong kong. I know the old saying , you get what you pay for, but has anyone here bought some stuff off eb and...
  2. Hobes


    So here's the thing. I am chasing a Z650 clutch housing cover, along with all the bits for the kick starter. to suit the early 80's models. 4cyl type. if anyone has some parts, please let me know.
  3. Hobes

    rev hang up ok guru's, this is what is happening, what in your opinion would cause this. lets start, full clean and rebuild of carbs, 2 sizes over mains, 1 size over pilot, needle raised 1 notch, pilot screws set at 2.5 turns out. throttle cable lubes and return checked, so no...
  4. Hobes

    Help Please

    Hobes is the handle and Gday to all. I joined this forum nearly 2 years ago so that I could do the search fro all info regarding my ol girl, a Z750 E1 late 81 model. She has gone a bit os transform, I like bobbers, so she got customed. I have a full piccie history to show ya, but at this stage I...
  5. Hobes

    Bruiser pt3

    Just got her back on Saturday, ready for the full strip down and rebuild. I think the custom tail and pipes turned out pretty damn good. The sissy bar also was more than i had hoped to see.
  6. Hobes

    City Bruiser update 2

    Its been a while since i posted anything here, so i thought i'd drop a line and post a few pics of where i'm at with my beast, she started out as this wreck the ones below is where she is now.
  7. Hobes

    City Bruiser update 2

    from this to this
  8. Hobes

    update on the City Bruiser

    Been a while , but some progress pics. was gonna go with a hard tail strut replacement, but then figured, if ya gonna do it, do it properly. So, now she's in the custom shop for a proper HT fit-out.
  9. Hobes

    an oldie from days gone by

    another one spotted
  10. Hobes

    spotted this today

    something a little different
  11. Hobes

    Not a country cruiser, more a city bruiser

    Hey guys, i had been on the look out for a bike to do a bob chop to for quite a while. Was even considering buying one when i visit the US later this year and send it back home. Well all that has changed due to some good luck being thrown my way. Managed to pick up an 1981 Kawasaki Z750 4 cyl...
  12. Hobes

    Triumphs 88 and back

    G,day lads. coming from the great southern land down under and not ever been to the US, i am lacking local knowledge. So a call out for some help. i am coming over mid this year, prob july aug for 4 weeks and want to take back home either a trumpy or a sportster when i go back. my plea to you...
  13. Hobes

    my BIG GIRL...

    my everyday drive, 97 Hilux, deso, dual cab 4x4. runs on veg oil/bio deso. 6 inch lift, 33 x12.5 muddies, 4.75 comp diffs, plus all the usual gear that one needs to go bush. this Girl has been on many a bow hunt and has done many miles off road.
  14. Hobes

    Newbie from Down Under

    G.Day from Sydney. Definitely new to this forum, but not to others, so i do know the etiquette and i promise i wont babble on about crap. I also promise to search the forum before asking stupid questions, as this is one of my biggest bug bears. anyways, the story with me is, yes i used to ride...
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